Mud is everywhere. It is everywhere. I thought I had a horse with white on all legs. I do. In the summer anyways. Winter? Nah I got a horse with four brown legs. I know it’s not his fault that he is really muddy. Its not like he can stay away from the mud in his pen. I still ask him how he got so muddy though. Isn’t it weird how we ask our horses rhetorical questions like that? I guess that’s just something us crazy horse people pick up.

I’ve been treating Scarlet’s sore each day. I just go out there and rub the green goop (Gall Salve) on it. That stuff stays really well. I honestly expected it to be rubbed off by the blanket but it really wasn’t. Kinda amazing how much staying power it has. I think it’s working well, at least as a pain reliever because he isn’t even twitching his skin as I rub it on anymore. He really didn’t want me to touch that area the first day. That’s definitely a plus.

I’ve been trying to keep a really close eye on any other place the blanket could be rubbing since I do not want this to repeat for the rest of the winter. So far, it looks like this new blanket is doing well. I may need to tighten the chest straps a bit but we will see. His shoulders don’t look worse and it definitely isn’t rubbing his sore.

I’m planning on just keeping an eye on the sore and his shoulders with grooming and maybe a few lunging sessions. I could probably stick a saddle on him and see where it falls but I really don’t want to repeat this or prolong the injury. One day at a time.


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