Post is late today because I really hadn’t been able to do anything with Scarlet other than check on him due to the rain and moving. I was planning on riding this morning and then writing about that for a post.

That didn’t happen.

I went out to go ride. It still really wet out but the arena looked okay. I wasn’t planning on doing much. I’d walk the whole time at this point, I was so desperate for a ride. I cleaned out his hooves which felt more like pushing liquid poo off. (It was really fine mud, it just looked nasty.) When I was currying him, I went over his withers and a huge chunk of hair came away. I looked at it and it was attached to a piece of skin. I then examined his withers and found that he had a quarter sized sore there.

So there’s the reason for the title. I had been messing with his blanket to try and get his shoulders to stop rubbing the hair but never noticed that the blanket was digging into the wither area. I feel like the worst person in the world for not realizing.

I did get some gall salve at the tack store to put on it. I’ve never really had wounds to deal with on a horse so it was lovely that I could get such good advice and help from the ladies there. They also helped me find a blanket that sits above the withers and  has the fuzzy fleece part to help prevent the neck from rubbing. They even told me that if I tried the fit on him and it didn’t work, bring it back clean and I can return it. Luckily, the blanket looks really nice. Big D. It looks like nice quality, has gussets and fits him well. I’m hoping this works well. The neck line definitely rests no where near where his current wound is. I’m hoping it deals with the rubs on his shoulders as well.

I had bought a product that I was planning on putting under his old blanket to help with rubs on Saturday called Bossy’s Bibs. They are pretty well reviewed, UK company with a Canadian distributor. They tout preventing rubs and allowing current ones to heal which supposedly lycra shoulder guard products don’t do. Since I just bought the blanket, I asked if it would be possible to cancel the order as it most likely hadn’t shipped. I got an email response within 10 minutes and they agreed to cancel it and refund me. Superb customer service. I mean really good. If this new blanket doesn’t help with the shoulder rubs, I’m definitely going to go back and order it from them again. It is just preferable to not have all the expenses happen at once.


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