Saddle Fitting

Friday evening I had my saddle fitting appointment. I very much enjoyed it. The girl I worked with was a rep for Stubben but she is quite happy to fit any brand’s saddles if you bring one. She brought a few saddles and hauled them out.

The first thing she did was look to see if Scarlet was back sore anywhere. He wasn’t (whew!) and she looked at the shape of his back. Because he is getting older, he is starting to sway a bit.

She put a 17.5 seat with a 30cm tree on him first and I rode around a bit. It knocked mre forward since the tree was too big. We switched to a 29cm. Still a bit too big. Down to a 28. That fit him better but the 17.5 seat was too small for me. I had to work a lot trying to hold myself in the saddle properly. We tried an 18 seat with 28cm tree and that was freaking awesome. We did hop back and forth between the previous saddle with the slightly smaller seat because it had removable blocks. She wanted me to feel the difference between the small and the large blocks.

Scarlet was a good boy for most of this but he got annoyed as we kept switching the saddle without doing much. He was like “Mom, either ride or get off me and feed me!” He started shaking his head and tensing up while riding. Once we settled on riding in the 18 seat, I let him move out and canter. He was still grumpy so I let him gallop as he loves that and it usually lets out some tension. He took off and gave a huge buck. Just one. Just enough to let me know that he was pissed off. I stuffed him with treats throughout but he was done and the light was gone so we wrapped up.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything in their inventory that was the correct size and within my price range. I did like their saddles and I totally understand why they are so expensive. They feel really nice and are very light.

So, my numbers are: 18″ seat, forward or very forward flaps, 28cm tree (narrow to normal). My price range is between $1000-$1500. Unfortunately, that’s not coming up often when searching. There are one or two that are at the top of my range or just beyond it. Since my current saddle works, I’m not in any hurry to get a new saddle. I’d like to find something lower in my range if possible. So, if anyone knows of one being sold or any particularly great sites to search for used saddles please comment to let me know.

Also, Scarlet’s leg is healed! Yay!


Nano word count as of this post: 8018

Beginning of November

My last two-point time was from Oct. 30 with 8 minutes. It was so difficult to hold it that long and I’m pretty sure only will power kept me there. I had wanted to get a longer time on Halloween but about 4 minutes in, my left leg cramped something fierce so I had to bow out and hope that 8 minutes was good enough.

AND IT WAS!!!!!!

I won for most improved. I am so happy. I did not enter the month thinking that I had any chance of getting a prize. I had trouble getting my 22 second baseline. I figured that I’d use this month as motivation to improve. When my time jumped to around 4 minutes at the end of the second week, I started to think that maybe I could do this. And so I pushed myself. And improved so much. I want to give a heartfelt thank you to Emma and Allison for hosting this year’s competition. I really needed the pseudo outside kick in the pants to push myself. I now have proof I can do more than I thought and I hope to carry that motivation into other months of doing more, starting with No Stirrup November.

I haven’t gone out to ride yet this month. I’m heading out Friday but Wednesday and Thursday are busy with other things. I have been writing for Nano and my word count as of this blog is 2322. There is still time to join and have fun writing a novel for this month! It also doesn’t have to be a novel and there is no punishment if you don’t finish. I’ve known people who have written poetry, short stories, music and coded during this month so it’s really just a month for creative pushes in all fields.

Super awesome news: I’ve got a saddle fitting on Friday! A rep from Stubben will be coming out and helping figure out what saddle shape/size works for both of us. I’m so excited! I’m going to take all the notes and pictures.