Literally nothing horsey happened this weekend. We’re moving into our house on Friday so we need to do any painting we want some before the furniture moves in. We aren’t going to get everything I had hoped for done. (Painting is hard y’all) But we’re trying our best to get everything possible done.

The Big Reveal

So, I’ve been absent from blogging recently. I had some personal stuff happening and I really only have so many spoons to deal with life. The bigger the stuff is, the more spoons it takes. So something had to fall off the wagon and blogging was it. I was still riding pretty often and we’ve been having a lot of fun. But now that the big personal thing is resolved, I’ll be getting back to this. So, for the personal thing:



That’s right! I now have a house. It was a long process of looking and dealing with the escrow. We were super lucky to have a realtor and a loan company with amazing people working there who handheld us through the process. It felt like it took forever but its ours.

Owning a house in SoCal is so hard. It’s so expensive to live down here and having a 20% down payment of a house that will be $600k plus is pretty much impossible. So that complicates the loan process. But we managed to find a good one and we can afford it. 🙂 It’s a three bedroom with a yard and a lovely patio to sit on in the evening. A really unexpected bonus? It’s about five minutes away from my barn.