My barn has decided to put in a full sized dressage arena. On one hand, cool because its always great to have a dressage arena to practice proper circles in. On the other, because it’s full sized, its taking away half of the back parking lot. I’m hoping something is done about that to expand the parking options there as it can get very crowded on the weekend already.

During the construction process, they dug out a lot of the ground where the old arena was. I was really concerned because it looks like a freaking swimming pool. What about water runoff? And I was concerned about how deep the footing was going to need to be to get everything level.

Turns out that’s just a crazy optical illusion from the land around the arena. I spoke with one of the barn ladies who rides dressage. She got the construction workers to show her with their laser level to prove how level it was. Its actually slopped slightly toward where the picture is being taken from. But it looks like that end is so much higher. Crazy!

Too Much Excitement

I was walking Scarlet in the arena on Friday and he tried to sniff the ground like he was looking for a place to roll. I was 100% not going to allow him to do that while I was walking him. So I decided to take him to the back arena for a roll.

I wasn’t able to pull my phone out fast enough to get the whole thing on picture.

He definitely wanted to roll. I wish I’d been able to get the beginning of it in the video. He’s definitely having a bit more trouble bending his hocks to get down. He bent a bit and then just kinda flopped down. He scraped up the point of his hock on his left side. I’ve been noticing that he seemed to be doing that recently but I thought it was due to the bedding getting a bit low. I’d added stuff recently so I was waiting to see how it looked after that.

He’s still able to get up and get down though. I hope that pole work will help him with bending his hocks a bit more but as long as he can get down and get up without seriously injuring himself it should be okay.

I did consider the hock shields but Scarlet really dislikes things on his hind legs. I’d like to see if I can manage them without it. He will pretty much stop moving for a while if fly boots are on his hinds so I imagine he wont like the hock shields much either.

He gave me a heart attack with his romping though. He doesn’t have the balance to be doing that so I was definitely like oh hell no. I do feel bad though. He was so excited to roll. I haven’t taken him to roll in a while. I’ve been afraid to do it. Its not right though. I (literally) apologized to him and said I’ll remember that its not living if you aren’t actually having fun. So I’ll take him to roll more often. I’ll just have to bite my tongue and hope that my heart survives.