Scarlet Special

I’m trying to get back to a regular posting schedule. It’s very hard. Posting on a blog is so inertia based for me.

Scarlet has been doing really well recently. He didn’t have any real soreness from his dental work so we’ve never had to step back his walking. We even got some rain dumped on us a week or so ago. Quite literally. It had been raining on and off for most of the morning and since it seemed to be a nice, sunny off period I was hoping to see how Scarlet would walk in the mud.

Hello there

He had pretty much no issues. Obviously I didn’t head for puddles or the deep slurry mud spots but he was able to leave his stall and walk pretty much normally. We had gotten maaaaaybe 1/3 of the way through the truncated loop that remains solid enough to walk on after rain when rain started coming down again. It was pretty much faster to just finish the loop than to turn around at the point when it got really heavy so he and I had to deal with it.

Is that a cookie?

Scarlet was very unhappy to be out in the rain. His neck was in the super arab curl and his head was perfectly vertical to try to keep the rain from hitting him as much as possible. We walked as fast as possible but we still got soaked by the time we got back to his stall. Side note, taking suggestions for barn/equestrian appropriate rain coats. I don’t need anything heavy, at all. I just want an extra layer for the super cold days and to not actually be soaked through when its raining.

Walking after the rain was fine. Scarlet loved rolling in the wet sand in the arenas that were open. I had to toss him into an arena that was a bit more wet than I would have liked the first day after the rain because he was thinking about rolling while we were walking. He’s done that before to me. I really really don’t like when he does that. I’m so concerned about him getting the lead rope caught up or something. But he literally throws himself to the ground and once he’s down there, not much you can do but keep clear. So I chose the lesser of two evils and ended up with a horse who is trying to become a brown horse instead of a red horse.

The other side is just as wet and muddy.

Since it doesn’t look like it will be getting as wet as it did last year, I don’t think Scarlet and I will have any issues continuing to walk and keep his mobility high. My worries about that can go away for at least a year.

What’s Up Danger?

(Yes I’ve recently rewatched Into the Spiderverse and can’t get this phrase out of my head. But it also felt oddly appropriate)

So welcome to 2021. We all survived, which is a feat. Truth be told, I’ve had it a lot easier in comparison to others. I work in software so transitioning to working from home was ridiculously easy. I’m an introvert so not being able to go out and meet people was fine. Sure I miss seeing some of my friends but I definitely didn’t feel the loss like an extrovert would. I’ve got a whole house with a decent sized backyard, a barn that never closed, a safe neighborhood to walk around in with my dog while masked. It’s been not bad in the grand scheme of things.

And yet, this year was definitely hard for me in different ways. I was still struggling with Scarlet’s neurological issues. I had to come to terms with him being permanently retired near the middle of the year. My main stress outlet was gone. The world was burning, people I cared about didn’t seem to be taking any of this seriously and oh yeah election stress. I struggled (still struggle, it comes in waves) with depression dealing with all of this.

A lot of negatives but a lot of positives as well. I got a puppy who is still crazy energetic and sometimes super hard to handle despite already having ticked the year old mark. I read 82 books this year. I’ve been given the opportunity to take on more responsibilities at work and have had some clear conversations with my manager on options for promotion. Scarlet’s improved in his walking and seems like he is going to remain able to walk, roll and even try to run a bit when he feels spicy. I finished Nanowrimo again.

I don’t know what I really hope for for 2021. Everyone to have the vaccine obviously. Since that’s probably not practical, the new administration providing a plan and financial support to help states roll it out efficiently and to the right people. Being able to see people in person again. I haven’t even really been doing that while masked. I’ve been trying to be extra safe. I’d like to introduce a lot of people to Lina and haven’t been able to. I’d love to say I am planning on getting a second horse in 2021. The reality is that’s unlikely to happen with our current budget. Unless I magically get a huge promotion or raise, I’ll need to find alternate ways of getting money. Even if I find something, I’ll need to have a buffer of money as it would not be a consistent income. So being realistic, that’s not in the cards.

I think the most realistic things I can hope for this year are those I love staying healthy, the world moving towards normalcy, and Scarlet remaining able to walk around and get up on his own. So here’s to a 2021 that improves things.