It’s been a while since I’ve updated anything here. My bad. My depression picked up a bit again and then I focused really hard on completing Nano. I did and that actually reset me pretty well mentally. Something about routine and outside deadlines helps me a lot.

Scarlet is doing really well. He got his teeth and vaccines recently. That was terrifying if I’m honest. He’s got relatively okay balance right now. But he has to be fully in control of himself. Sedatives mess with that.

We started by giving him half of the amount. But he was not having it with his teeth being worked on. So we ended up giving him the full dose. He listed a lot so we backed him into the corner and he ended up resting his butt on the fence.

The vet discovered that he has the start of EOTRH. One of his insisors has a large hole in it now. It’s not loose but it will eventually need to be pulled. She has a mule who has it and has all his upper teeth gone and he’s doing fine. I’m not too worried, just upset that there’s more to keep an eye on with him.

Quite the large hole. And you can see above the tooth where it’s being exposed as well.

We haven’t been doing anything else interesting honestly. Just walking every day. Scarlet is getting pretty frisky in the early morning. It’s pretty cold now most mornings. (San Diego cold people, so probably not bad for everyone else 😂) He’s a bit harder to deal with but not extremely. I’ve been reminding him that he has to behave and stay behind me while walking. I’ll halt and then make him back up if he isn’t focusing on me enough to halt with me. He doesn’t back well now so it gets his attention.

He’s been enjoying getting dirty while rolling.

We walk 5-6 mornings a week and I plan to continue this as long as we can. This will likely be my update every week with Scarlet for the most part. Hope everyone is doing well in these crazy times.