Calm week

I’ve been going out almost every day to treat the rub on Scarlet’s withers. Its pretty small. The hair has been rubbed off in around the size of a quarter but the actual cut is only about the size of the tip of my pinky.

I lunged him twice this week but I haven’t seen where the saddle sits in respect to the wound. I really don’t want to chance it.

I lunged him on Friday and let him run around the arena and roll. I figured that would be okay since I was going to clean and salve the wound after running. For some reason, the horses got fed early on Friday so Scarlet was extremely anxious as I groomed him. Its pretty annoying that he has such bad manners when being tied. I’m putting that on the list of things that I need to do more with him. I need to force him to stand tied and wait on me to be done with whatever I’m doing.

On Saturday, I was planning on trying to hop on bareback to see if me sitting on his back is okay with his wound. But as I was driving out to the barn, I realized I had forgotten my helmet. I hadn’t been bringing my helmet out for almost a week so it just slipped my mind. Oh well, I’ll try and ride bareback on Sunday.

I was able to see the wound quite well since it was the first time that I was able to take a look at it in full daylight/sunlight. I was able to gently tug the longer hairs out of the way and apply the salve directly where it needed to be. I haven’t been able to get clippers out and shave around the area so that the hairs stays out. Luckily, there doesn’t seem to be too many hairs that lay directly in the wound. I will try and at least bring scissors out to cut that hair on Sunday. I want to do whatever is possible to have Scarlet heal as fast as possible.


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