I was a typical little girl who wanted a horse. The only difference is, I didn’t grow out of it. I got my first horse when I was twelve. Scarlet Fyre is an Arabian/Saddlebred (National Show Horse), gelding, born in 1997. I owned him for 6 years. He was sold when I went to college and I spent 6 years taking a lesson here or there when I could afford it or riding friends horses. This caused me to really realize how much I took for granted having horses in my life. It also made me crazier about them. When I was given the chance to buy back my horse, what else could I say but yes?

Now Scarlet and I have the unique chance to get reacquainted and reestablish our bond. Except my resources are way more limited. Ride with me on my journey to expand my knowledge on my own using every resource possible to achieve MY horse dream.

5 thoughts on “About

    • Maybe? I haven’t planned quite that far into the future! But I’m all for going out and about to do horse things and meet people in the area!


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