Scarlet Care

I obviously am not home to give Scarlet any care but I’m super lucky to have good friends at the barn. Holly has been getting Scarlet out this whole week. I’m so grateful that I don’t have to worry about him not getting out at all.

Monday she texted me and told me he’d just “walked right out of his shoe” when she took him out. He wasn’t tender on it so she lunged him in the arena anyway. It’s the other shoe than the one he’d last thrown so that was good. I kinda expected that to happen at some point since his stall was still so wet. He didn’t tear it all, just pulled it right off. It was about 7  weeks in his cycle so I just asked the farrier to come out and do his whole shoeing a week early. She did say the stall looked better with the pellets so hopefully that plus the fact that it’s been sunny all week will help his stall dry up some more.

She commented on how easy he was to free lunge. Scarlet is pretty responsive if you’re just holding a whip. He doesn’t think you mean it otherwise. He also doesn’t run himself into corners and listens to voice commands to change gaits. I’m glad he’s behaving himself for her and that he is getting some exercise. I can’t wait to be home and riding again.

Miss this handsome boy!

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