Wednesday Writing Wrap-Up

Writing. I remember when I did that.

In all seriousness, I haven’t written for another week. Being away from home and training for a new job has taken all my spoons. I have no more spoons for anything that is work. And while I enjoy writing most of the time, it is definitely work.

I do need to force myself to do just a little bit of work on it. I have to get the ball rolling or I will never start writing again. And I do want to finish this.

I’ve been considering what I need to do. I think that I need to go back and change a bit of the effect magic has on my MC (main character). I need to set a bit more of a definition of what “normal” magic is for other witches. My MC needs to be able to do magic to a normal level without any issues. Once she goes over that level, there needs to be increasing levels of pain after that.

I wanted to keep going on the editing but it’s sticking in the back of my mind. I feel stuck and like I cannot move on. If it’s that bad, I need to fix it. Hopefully I can get that sorted in the next couple of days and move on from that.

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