Not frustration with Scarlet or Cav. Both were good. Scarlet’s been enjoying the fact that I’m letting him hand graze every day I have the time for it. He loves grass and I just wish I had a place where I could see him every day but still let him live in a pasture. But California, its not really much of a thing unless you have your own property.

Cav was super chill this week. He was very hunter-y and rhythmic on Tuesday. My back was hurting so that was great that I didn’t have to do too much to get us to have a little ride. He’s been improving at standing at the mounting block lately. He’s been waiting (mostly) for me to ask him to move off rather than just walking off once I’m on. He’s still off on his right hind. His owner is trying to get him on the schedule for the vet but she thinks this will be a chronic thing and he will just have to deal with it for his whole life.

The frustrating thing is the horse search. Everyone who is on the horse search right now is having the same frustrations I’m sure. The market is wild and everything is expensive. There have been 5 horses that popped up in my area over the last week or so that I inquired about. One I never heard back from. Three of them were from the same seller. I received initial video links and asked for conformation photos. Haven’t heard anything since. Another is really close to me and I was super interested. But still, haven’t heard anything back after the initial videos and pictures.

That’s frustrating. I’m seriously here with the take my money meme and I can’t get anyone to respond. It’s frustrating sometimes to the point where I’m thinking about just giving up and not buying anything until I can afford a talented baby and training to get that baby started. We shall see. Hopefully something works out for me.

8 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. Ugh, I feel you on the horse market. I’ve been looking in Europe now but am unsure about the importing process and using brokers, particularly for what I want. Which is in and of itself kind of murky to me as well – lol. Sigh…

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    • Yeah importing adds another probably 10k to the price as well. I doubt I’d be able to go that direction on my search. I’d probably start flying around the country and maybe looking on the east coast first before then.


      • Yeah. I’m looking for 10 and under, started so able to wtc in a rough arena shape. Forward ride. I hate pushing my horse to just move. Above 15hh. No major injuries or maintenance and jumping sound. Currently under 10k but I’m still saving so that number just goes up the longer I save.


  2. I can imagine how frustrating it is right now trying to find a horse. It makes me worry that there are too many people buying horses that have no business doing so. Good luck with your search though.

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    • I’m sure there are a lot of people who suddenly have money after the loan rates being so low for a while who haven’t had horses before. I do think there will likely be a flood to the market later but I’m looking now, not later. Lol


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