Horse Time!

I’m back! A bit late on this post but when your train that is supposed to arrive at 12:30 am on Saturday is delayed by malfunctioning brakes and you don’t end up getting to sleep until 3am and then you wake up at 8:30, that exhaustion stays with you.

I am back in San Diego though and so happy to be home.

Despite my tiredness, I got out to ride both Saturday and Sunday. Scarlet had been out a lot due to Holly being a boss. He looked pretty good. She’d wrapped his cut to keep the bugs away and prevent him from biting at it. I left it on for Saturday as it had only been on for a day at that point.

Our ride wasn’t anything crazy. I ended up leaving the arena because there were five or six horses in there and then someone went to teach an up-down lesson as well. I have no problem with those lessons but do those in an arena that isn’t the jump arena! The jump arena doesn’t even have a gate that closes!! We had a good ride despite that. I forced him to walk down part of the trail because the mustard seed flowers were ridiculous.

He was the most uncooperative for scale model in the world. The flowers were like five feet high or something. Very tall and very pretty. Also very spooky.

Sunday we jumped a bit. Even though we haven’t been riding recently, he’s been lunged a lot so I figured he was good to go for a bunch of small jumps. And he was. He definitely loved the jumps. He was a bit too excited at first but I worked hard to go with him instead of trying to hold him back. We got pretty good take off points and we were able to loop a few jumps together for a nice mini course on each lead.

I’m hoping to put the jumps back up in height and do some research on some good jumping exercises to set up. Have to pull my 101 exercises book out to get some ideas and measurements. Setting up the jumps is going to be hard when I’m riding in the morning but I will figure it out. Work is really flexible about when I show up so I don’t feel as rushed in the morning.

I did look at his wound and rewrap on Sunday. It’s healing really well. I just want it to get all closed skin or closer to it before I leave it exposed.



So, two days away from me being home to deal with stuff myself, Scarlet goes and cuts himself. Not bad. It’s quite small and Holly cleaned it and put some meds on it.

But really horse? Really? I’m ALMOST home and you decide now is a good time? I swear they plan this freaking stuff.

It really doesn’t look too bad and small cuts on his legs don’t worry me much. The flies aren’t really out yet so I don’t think he will bite at it due to them bothering it.

But, the cut is oddly deep for being so small. It’s also the 3rd or 4th such cut that is way deeper than I would expect. I couldn’t find anywhere where I thought he was catching himself on the piping of his stall. I know he plays with his neighbors but they aren’t going to get the inside of his leg like that. At least I don’t understand how. It’s not like they have spikes on their shoes to gouge small holes in his body.

I’ll be back home tomorrow so I can keep an eye on it. I’m even more grateful that Holly is an awesome friend and taking care of Scarlet for me. It may not be the worst injury ever, but I prefer to know about them and keep watch so that a small injury doesn’t become big.

Scarlet Care

I obviously am not home to give Scarlet any care but I’m super lucky to have good friends at the barn. Holly has been getting Scarlet out this whole week. I’m so grateful that I don’t have to worry about him not getting out at all.

Monday she texted me and told me he’d just “walked right out of his shoe” when she took him out. He wasn’t tender on it so she lunged him in the arena anyway. It’s the other shoe than the one he’d last thrown so that was good. I kinda expected that to happen at some point since his stall was still so wet. He didn’t tear it all, just pulled it right off. It was about 7  weeks in his cycle so I just asked the farrier to come out and do his whole shoeing a week early. She did say the stall looked better with the pellets so hopefully that plus the fact that it’s been sunny all week will help his stall dry up some more.

She commented on how easy he was to free lunge. Scarlet is pretty responsive if you’re just holding a whip. He doesn’t think you mean it otherwise. He also doesn’t run himself into corners and listens to voice commands to change gaits. I’m glad he’s behaving himself for her and that he is getting some exercise. I can’t wait to be home and riding again.

Miss this handsome boy!

Wednesday Writing Wrap-Up

Writing. I remember when I did that.

In all seriousness, I haven’t written for another week. Being away from home and training for a new job has taken all my spoons. I have no more spoons for anything that is work. And while I enjoy writing most of the time, it is definitely work.

I do need to force myself to do just a little bit of work on it. I have to get the ball rolling or I will never start writing again. And I do want to finish this.

I’ve been considering what I need to do. I think that I need to go back and change a bit of the effect magic has on my MC (main character). I need to set a bit more of a definition of what “normal” magic is for other witches. My MC needs to be able to do magic to a normal level without any issues. Once she goes over that level, there needs to be increasing levels of pain after that.

I wanted to keep going on the editing but it’s sticking in the back of my mind. I feel stuck and like I cannot move on. If it’s that bad, I need to fix it. Hopefully I can get that sorted in the next couple of days and move on from that.

Getting Some Rides

By happenstance, I was able to get out of work early on Friday (the whole office did) so I got out to ride Scarlet in the afternoon. I had planned on going out in the morning but woke up to rain outside my window. It worked out well either way.

Scarlet decided to be a butt while I was grooming. I’m putting it that way because I have to remind myself that it’s half my fault that this even happened. I haven’t been cross tying him for a while. He gets too concerned about things going on behind him and dances around to twist and see what it is. Instead, I’ve just been looping the lead over his neck and grooming him while we stand in the crossties. He’s been much better about not moving like that since he can turn his whole neck without having to turn his body.

Friday he lost all that privilege. I was grooming his butt when he decided he wanted to walk off to see where the horse that was being had walked had gone. I scrambled for his lead but didn’t get in front of him fast enough. He realized he was loose and took off running. FML. The barn I’m at is NOT enclosed. Like basically at all. There is a “gate” across the driveway that can be closed but that’s really only good for keeping the horses off that street. They can go anywhere 340 degrees and go for a long time before the meet a fence if they meet one that is able to be called that at all. So Scarlet running away from me (which he hasn’t done since he was freaking 10!!!!) is pretty much  my worst fear.

Luckily, my dumbass horse ran straight back to his stall and then stood there looking at the closed gate in confusion. One of the ladies who is near me in the stalls was out with her horse and was able to walk up to Scarlet and collect his lead. I was embarrassed and annoyed and mad. Both at him and myself. Him because wtf horse you don’t move when I’m grooming you. Me because I kinda left the barn door open and hoped that everyone would be in there in the morning.  I finished grooming him (tied of course) and then left him there tied for a bit so I could let some of the mad go before I got back to riding. Riding mad is good for no one.

Scarlet was really hyped up when I finally got on. No surprise since he basically just went on a joy ride. Despite the energy, he was decently good for the ride, if spooky. I feel like I’ve gotten better at stopping the sideways motions of spooks without pulling back on him. It’s just gathering the momentum and shoving it forward instead of sideways now. We lose less of our feeble connection when I do it right.

Saturday I got out in the afternoon as well. I’d stopped by the feed store in the morning and picked up a couple of bags of bedding pellets. I wanted to try and lay them down in his stall to see if they would help with the wetness of it. I know they aren’t going to do a ton but if they could even expand his dryish area slightly, that would be awesome.


I hopped on for a ride and then moved a ton of mud around to try and lay the best possible foundation before spreading the pellets above. Scarlet didn’t care at all about me carrying a bag around his stall and shaking it. His neighbors did though. I have such a subjectively spooky horse.

I got out Sunday for the last time in about two weeks. My new job is requiring me to go to the headquarters in Santa Barbara for training. I’m only mildly bitchy about having to be away from home that long. Holly said she’d get Scarlet out to lunge him for almost every day while I’m gone and the husband can take care of himself and the cats. I just don’t like to be away from home.

Sunday after half a day in the stall. Not fully expanded but hopefully they will help with the few showers that are expected in the next couple of days.

He was good for his ride. It’s quite difficult for both of us to work hard as we are so out of shape. I do my best and he responds decently well. We just don’t have the muscle to keep it up. I also seem to be hurting my right knee when asking him to get off that leg. I have to do that a lot as he likes to lean to that side. It’s not horribly hurting but it feels strained like I’m bending it wrong. I am going to look into stretches to see if there is anything that might be useful for that. Any suggestions anyone has would be welcome.

Not sure how I’m going to keep my sanity with not riding for the next two weeks. Any suggestions on that as well? XD

New Hours

Along with getting a new job, I got new working hours. I’ve been working a 7-4 shift for around five years at this point but my new job has me working 9-6 for the moment. It’s a really late start for me and is requiring some adjustments. My brain doesn’t want to be on then. It also is requiring me to go to the barn in the morning.

Leaving for the barn after work would mean that I’d get he sometime around 9 and would also either have to pack my dinner or buy one on the way there. I decided to try going in the morning before work, in the interest of ever getting home at a reasonable hour.

My barn doesn’t open until 7am (city regulations) so I have to get there right at open to make the most of my time. I gave it a trial run on Tuesday since it was the only day without rain in the morning. I got there about 10 minutes late but was still able to get on Scarlet by 8am and get a 30 minute ride in before I needed to get off in order to put him away and drive to work by 9ish.

I wish I wasn’t as focused on speed, otherwise I would have had my phone on me. Scarlet’s face was hilarious when I showed up that early. It was really obvious that he was confused to see me there that early. He hadn’t even gotten breakfast yet. He did forgive me for that when I fed him his grain while tacking up.

If the rain ever stops, I think it will work. I get up at the same time I would to start work at 7 and get home around the same time I would have gotten home from the barn. I feel a bit rushed with riding but I should be able to get 30-40 minutes if I get to the barn right at 7.

We will see how it works out. I’m ready to do any schedule that makes time to get out to the barn. 🙂

Wednesday Writing Wrap-Up

So, I actually did zero writing this last week. But that’s for a good reason.

I got a new job!

I was interviewing with this company for most of February. Last Wednesday was my last interview. I got my verbal offer an hour after that interview and my written one the next day. I started working this Monday.

It’s been a big change so I haven’t had the brain cells left to do writing. After I settle in a bit more, I’ll get back to my regular writing schedule.

Riding, Sales and Friends

Friday I was able to get out and ride. All the arenas were still open as the rain wasn’t supposed to start until Saturday. I got out to the barn later than I had wanted because I took my car to the shop to get the next milage increment inspection. It took a LOT longer than they had said it would. Luckily, my barn is only a few minutes away from the shop so I just went straight there afterward.

Scarlet was very well behaved for the ride. One of the girls at the barn was playing around on her two horses with her friends. They stayed at one end of the arena and circled at the walk and trot. I am all for sharing horses with friends and having fun but I do get annoyed when they do that in the jump arena. I can’t jump many options without having to abruptly pull up after a jump when people take up one end of the arena. There are FOUR other arenas and two round pens. They could have gone to any of those ones to get out of the way.

I hadn’t planned on doing much jumping as we are both out of shape. Scarlet’s actually starting to look a little preggers again. 😦 I want time to ride my horse so he gets back into reasonable shape! So we didn’t jump. Much. After we did our ride, I trotted and cantered once over the tiny cross rail that is set up. I’ll have to wait till after this next storm to hopefully be able to get back into jumping again.

Saturday I went to Mary’s Tent Sale with L. We met up with Carey while we were there. The tent sale is always fun for looking around for stuff. I found a couple of things that I needed and won one of the raffles. Scarlet got a few cookie samples out of the deal and some wormer which he doesn’t know about yet. Lol. I also got a new sunshirt. I’m always looking for sunshirts for sale. I need the long sleeved ones as well because I need that full sun protection. Unfortunately, most sun shirts don’t have the 50upf that I need. I’ve had skin cancer once already and I am not doing that again. I haven’t even had a biopsy on anything strange in two years now. I’ve kept up the good sun protection and that seems to be doing me well so I plan to keep it up.

We all walked out with a few things and then went to lunch. Its always lovely to hang out with more horse people. I really enjoy it. Too bad life makes it difficult to match up our schedules. But I definitely want to spend a day together again soon.

Sunday, I didn’t ride. It had rained on Saturday and I thought that the arenas would be closed. They actually weren’t but I’d gone out there without being prepared to ride. That’s my fault and I felt bad but Scarlet was fine with the lunge and then cookies he got. He wasn’t wanting to stand still in the crossties while I groomed him afterward so I had to get a little stern.

His stall is still a mess. It was getting almost dry-ish after the week of sun. Hopefully, these next few days only bring showers and not storms like we had previously.

Viva Carlos Blog Hop: My Ideal Day

I wasn’t in town for most of this week so I wasn’t able to ride. It sounds like a perfect reason to hop on the blog hop train started by L at Viva Carlos.

I think everyone in the horse blogging world has a pretty similar ideal day. We are all doing this because we love horses so having more horses in our life is generally our goal.

My ideal day would require a lot of money, as it generally does. I’d love to have two or three horses, maybe more. But those are my current ideal. I’d have Scarlet and two other horses to take lessons with and compete. My morning would start with a walk with my future multiple large doggies. Then I’d have breakfast and head out to the barn.

I’d love to be at the barn from early-ish morning till about lunchtime. So somewhere from 8/9 am-12/1 pm. After that I’d head to lunch, hopefully something uber nutritious and tasty whipped up by my hired chef/nutritionist. Then I’d take several hours to work on my novels. If I’ve got plenty of time and money, being an author would be my ideal career path.

After I hit hour count or word count for my novels, I’d love to just have time to relax. Maybe I’d go for a run with the dogs. Maybe I’d hang out with friends. Maybe I’d spend time reading or playing video games. Unformed free time after around 4-5 in the evening would be my goal there. I like my habits but I also need time to be flexible with what works for me that day.

Honestly, my ideal day would be anything working with horses and following my passions. The only thing really standing in the way of that is money and reality. Some of that may be able to be a reality later but it would require some decent monetary sacrifices and I like having enough money to not worry about accidents and rent payment.

What’s your ideal day? Anyone able to come up with an ideal day that doesn’t require you to be a kajillionaire?