I’m back! I’ve been out of town for over a week due to a work trip and a weekend vacation. It was both tiring and nice at different points during the time I was gone.

My neighbor across the street walked Scarlet for me for the whole time. She rides as well and used to have an arab so she was a good choice to take care of him. It was also nice because she’s a big animal person so she sent me tons of pictures while I was gone.

Ezio was ridden by my trainer while I was away. She said he was good and she loves his walk. She said she mostly worked on being in front of the leg and bending through is ribs. I also had her to a ground work lesson as well and she worked on staying out of her personal bubble and yielding the quarters. I also had him turned out on the days where my trainer wasn’t working with him.

I’ve only been back for two days so I’ve spent some time with both of them and had one ride. Ezio seemed fine. He had a few feelings but overall felt pretty soft and listening. He always tries at least somewhat for our rides. I definitely missed barn time while I was gone.

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