Friends, Mats, and Shoes


My friend Holly, owner of Uno, came to ride the weekend following L’s ride. She recently got a truck and I shamelessly begged her to help me go buy mats. Ezio has dug a hole where his grain bucket is and a trench in front of his automatic waterer. We got together early and were at the store at opening buying mats. I definitely spent a fair amount of money buying 9.

We put off installing the mats until after the ride. I had Holly stuff carrots in Ezio’s mouth again as I felt like I’d seen some improvement over the last week. He definitely had no complaints about that. I warmed him up. Warmup went longer than I had expected. He was still feeling some feelings about short reins and we had two horses riding with us in the big arena. Despite that, he eventually settled down and Holly hopped on.

She’s restarted ottbs before so she knows how to ride babies. He was pretty good for her. Still up in his feelings but he wasn’t that bad. She commented that he had some similar issues she’d experienced with Ezio. She also said his canter was floaty, which felt pretty cool. She ended up staying on him for a while which meant he was ridden for an hour. It’s longer than I normally ride but once in a while won’t hurt him.

As we headed back to the crossties, we noticed he’d thrown a shoe. The same shoe. The right front shoe.

Given how long his feet were and the fact that we were six weeks into his cycle, I decided to just ask the farrier to redo him completely. I hadn’t gotten drugs yet from my vet as I thought I’d have more time. I discussed with the farrier and he said we can give it a shot and see how he does without the drugs.

The farrier comes by every Thursday to Ezio’s barn so we waited until then. That meant turnout for most of a week. I took advantage of those days to practice standing in the farrier crossties and picking up his feet. He actually did quite well there. I was able to pick up his front feet multiple times and hold onto them for up to 30 seconds. It doesn’t sound like much but that’s a lot of improvement for him.

Thursday rolled around and the farrier came by. Since my last farrier straight up ghosted me, I also had this farrier, N, out for Scarlet as well. Scarlet was actually at something like 10 weeks and desperately needed to be done. He was a bit anxious in the covered crossties but was his normal good self and fairly well balanced. N said next time he can do him in his stall if it would make him feel better.

We headed right up to Ezio after that. He was not terrible but not great. He definitely kept pulling his feet out of the farrier’s hands but he hardly tried to run away. The struggle was still centered on his front feet. N said he wasn’t that bad and since he’s four, he should only get better with more practice. He didn’t feel like we need to drug him in the future. So I’m hopeful that he will eventually be a good horse for the farrier.

I took the day off of work so I took advantage of the time I had to longe him in the round pen. I put him on the line and focused on making him move out to take advantage of the whole circle. I definitely had to work a lot to do that. You’d think going out to the wider circle and that it is easier would be enough incentive but no. The right was much more difficult that the left so I need to do this more with him. It will be a good practice for balancing on his own.

Stupid whip. Making me work hard.

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