Lesson recap from 7/8

I was on and walking around just before my lesson time so I was halfway around the arena before I noticed Ezio’s ear flick toward the gate. I looked and sure enough Trainer J was hopping up on the rail. I may be annoyed with his obsession with noticing things outside the arena but there is a silver lining there.

After getting the radio from her, we continued with our warmup. I got him settled in at the trot with serpentines and then went into spirals. I started with the right, which is his bad direction. That was my mistake. He just sped up when I tried to ask him to move out. I switched directions to see if the left would be any better. Same deal.

Trainer J had me trot the spiral into the smaller circle and then after a step sideways out at the trot, I was to transition to the walk so he couldn’t just run through the lateral work.


He had some MAJOR feelings about walking with my reins shortened. He kept trying so hard to break into the trot every three steps. He was throwing fits about having to walk. It was HARD. I definitely contributed to this because I have definitely kept my reins longer for the walk and gathered them for faster work.

We kept to the circle and any time he broke from the walk, we halted and then walked on. Once I got a few steps of walk, I was dropping the reins and then picking them back up. Then I would throw a trot transition in there and then walk some more. We eventually went out to do some serpentines with this as we didn’t want to make him feel like he was super stuck.

His only feeling about this treat was yum!

We spent pretty much the whole lesson working on that. It was a good thing to have as lesson rather than to discover on my own as being in a lesson tends to keep me calmer as I’ve got another brain in the mix. I was pretty pleased to find thing honestly. I love having issues to fix that have very obvious exercises I can work on. When I’m in lessons, I’m super happy to have homework to work on between lessons. And this one is a very easy thing to incorporate in all moments of my ride. I just have to watch out for the feelings!

2 thoughts on “Feelings~

    • I’m very glad this showed so early. I’ve been trying to change the reins up a lot for both gaits now and he’s had a lot less tension related to rein length recently.


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