Lesson, L and Fun

Wrap up of 7/1-7/7!

I finally had a lesson happen on July 1st. No shoes were lost beforehand. Trainer J thought we had improved quite a lot since the last time she had seen him. She’s excited to be able to ride him soon. I’m heading on a work trip for a week at the end of the month so I’m paying her to make sure that he stays active while I’m gone.

We tried spirals for the first time today. We started at the trot and he was better to the left than to the right. She suggested I don’t do them more than three times each way so I’m not drilling him. She also suggested we maybe try a french link on him as he will occasionally snap his head up like he’s upset.

After that, we tried to work on the canter transition. I’ve been getting run off with instead of getting reasonably prompt transitions. Since he anticipates, Trainer J said to use that to our advantage and transition upward at a specific point on a circle each time so that the transition is prompt of his own volition. She explained that we need to break the canter down even further for him where he first step is a prompt transition, then the correct lead, then keeping going, then balanced. It was a good thing to be reminded about in regards to his abilities. He’s so easy under saddle that I sometimes find myself expecting more than he can reasonably offer as a four year old.

The ride after we practiced all of that again but we didn’t have as good of a ride. His attention kept being distracted so he was stiff and not listening to me. A new day, a different baby horse. I wasn’t too upset.

L came out to ride on the morning of the 4th. It’s the first time I’ve had any of my friends out to meet Ezio so I was excited and a little nervous. I just hoped he would be a good boy for our friend. L helped with grooming by shoving carrot pieces into his mouth while I was cleaning his front feet. I wanted to do that to try to get him to associate me holding his feet with a good thing.

After grooming, we headed toward the back arena since someone was turned out in the front one. We started with me riding and trying a nathe bit that L had to experiment with. He gave the poles a side eye but was pretty good otherwise. When I tried to canter with the nathe, he put his head down and bucked. L took video and it didn’t look like anything in the video, which I find hilarious. But he definitely wasn’t well behaved with that so I hopped off and L did a lightning fast switch to my normal bit. I got back on and cantered just to make sure he was being good.

Then L got on. She put him through his paces. He was so confused at first when she was trying to get him to march around at the walk but he eventually got the right answer. I was filming while L was riding and Ezio decided that he wanted to be closer to me. As in, he tried to run me over. I had to dodge out of the way while he just straight up ignored L. After that, he was much better for her. It was fun to watch someone else ride my horse.

The next ride of that week was unfortunately frustrating. We ended up riding with another person in the large arena. But she was a very selfish and unobservant rider. She took the inside oval and stuck to it regardless. Mostly not an issue, I can avoid her. But then I tried to take a circle at the end of the arena to practice cantering and she would either ride right through my circle or ride up against the edge. I had to keep choking up on Ezio to avoid her. I was so frustrated and he was frustrated by the end. I should have spoken up and told her to stay on her own freaking side of the arena. But I didn’t. I will do so next time.

Here are the videos of me riding that L took if you’re interested!

3 thoughts on “Lesson, L and Fun

  1. It’s so nice to have someone video 🙂 I like how you’re letting him figure out how to carry his own body. You’re such a quiet rider, it’s really lovely to watch

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