A Waste

The next two weeks ended up with me waiting to get a shoe on him from my farrier. That was incredibly stupid on my part. He was out of town and implied he would get someone out there for him. Never heard from him. Followed up when he was supposed to be back. Again, never heard from him. Finally got the name of someone who comes to Ezio’s barn every Thursday and go it back on almost a full two weeks after.

So we spent two weeks carefully turning out and running him just enough that he wasn’t completely wild but not enough to cause him to be sore. He got his vaccines during this and only had a small bump on either side which was fine. Went away in a day or so.

He also decided he wanted to be a huge shit one of the days early in that two weeks and as I was leading him out of the arena and pushing the gate open, he reached forward and BIT MY ARM. I was so pissed. I bruised really badly too.

I was very pissed at him and am extremely vigilant about his mouth now. It’s very frustrating and I definitely need to figure out some good ways to add more ground work into our lives.

He was more or less normal other than that. We turned out daily and I groomed him when I felt like it. Just enough grooming so he didn’t look feral. He finally got a shoe on 6/23, nearly two weeks after he pulled it off. I may end up switching farriers since as of writing this post on 6/26, I have yet to hear back. I need a farrier who is good at communication and this isn’t the first problem. He’s been bad at communicating before but is so good with Scarlet.

Scarlet’s doing fine. He also got his boosters when Ezio did and had larger reactions to the vaccines. Nothing major still. Just larger bumps. He also got some acupuncture while the vet was out.

I think both my boys were conspiring together as mid last week, Scarlet was trying to kick at a fly and launched a forward hind kick right into the side of my knee. Luckily it was forward and without a lot of force because wow was I sore for a few days, but don’t seem to have any lasting issues. It was definitely not on purpose as he’s never hurt me deliberately in the entire time I’ve known him.

So now we are caught up. I’m bruised from both horses, made mistakes waiting on someone to respond and we now have two shoes back on Ezio so he can be ridden again!

2 thoughts on “A Waste

    • Yeah I need to be more quick to change when communication isn’t going well. I got spoiled with a good farrier for several years and didn’t want to do the whole figuring out a new relationship thing again.


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