Forward and Back

Trying to catch up on recapping (gosh I’m a terrible blogger sometimes) so this all takes place from 6/4-6/10.

I rode in the back arena for the first time since there was a lesson going on in our normal arena. Someone was free longing so I waited outside for them to finish and talked to my across the street neighbor while waiting. Ezio is so friendly that it was difficult to keep him in place as he wanted to say hi to her and to the horse she was leading at the time. He did really well once we got in the arena. He wasn’t spooky and even behaved when someone came in to longe while we were riding.

That was a Saturday and that Sunday I decided to give him a bit of a turn out to see if that helps how difficult he seems to be after days off. He wasn’t super interested in running and I’d forgotten my whip so I only ran him a little bit.

I ended up grooming him in his stall on Monday since the sprinklers tend to interfere with the time I arrive at the barn. I really have no desire to try to walk him past sprinklers where he will get suddenly sprayed on the butt. He was okay, just wiggly. During the ride he was again distracted by the lady riding and leading her horses around the property. She does it every week but it is still the most attention grabbing thing Ezio has ever seen.

We cantered a bit but he broke from the canter on both leads. I need to work more on that with him so we can figure out what helps (cantering only on straight, cantering big circles etc) so that he can get stronger. I also need to canter more when I have time to trot and walk more afterward as he begins to anticipate that we are cantering now once we do it. I was running a bit late but he was so sweaty that I knew I had to hose him off because it would be so uncomfortable for him otherwise. He sweats very easily which is a good thing, just inconvenient.

I had a lesson planned for that Friday and I was hoping to get better exercises to challenge him a bit more. He’s definitely still benefiting from the exercises we are doing, but I wanted to have a level 2 set of tools to use sometimes. His shoulders do seem to take a while to warm up where he doesn’t fall through them but that’s a strength thing. Unfortunately, he decided to pull his shoe sometime between longing on Thursday and when I went out Friday morning for the lesson. So no lesson for us.

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