Second Lesson

There’s a lot to catch up on here. I meant to write all of this a week ago Monday but that day, our cat decided he needed to visit the ER vet and my entire week got swallowed in worry. And then as happens when you fall behind, I fell more behind. So, several catch up posts are to come. Luckily, I recently started keeping notes on every day I’m out so I’ve got references to see use for catchup.

I spoke with Trainer J about my issues with lifting his feet before our lesson. She lifted it once and said its likely to be a time and repetition thing with him. So we got on with the riding part of the lesson. I tried to show her the issue with the left turn we had been having. But of course once I had a trainer watching, Ezio was perfect.

Over a few repetitions and doing some figure eights, Trainer J identified that he was falling out over his right shoulder and said that was probably a contributor to the broken left turn. She wanted me to ride bent to the right while going right and bent to the right while going left. Not just in the lesson but do that for a while. It was nice to be able to learn this during the lesson as I really got a good handle on the feel of catching his shoulder with my right aids.

My goofball

Trainer J said she thought he was ready for smaller figures and had us start doing some smaller serpentines. He managed to hold himself quite well and she commented that he definitely wouldn’t have been able to make the smaller turns during the previous lesson. I also got a nicely ridden compliment and I was pleased with that.

She wanted to know what else I wanted to work on, maybe canter? I said that if there was something else she though we should work on, I’d rather focus on that since I knew that his balance with the canter would be better with more muscle. So we worked on our transitions again.

Ezio had gotten better than the previous lesson. Not a lot, but enough you could tell. He still wanted to slam down into the halt since putting his butt under him is hard. Trainer J had us practice transitioning to the walk and back up across the long diagonal. We do our lesson in a very large arena and the diagonal is very long. She said that sometimes the long distance helps baby horses move forward since they feel less confined.

We did a lot of transitions and they got better but he also started anticipating so I knew that I would have to be careful when working on this on my own to vary up the place that we are doing the transitions so he is listening and not assuming he knows where to go.

I love having lessons because I get so much to work with on my own time after them. I’m definitely excited to see where we go with more lessons under out belts.

Its difficult for me to tell, but I think he’s gaining some weight and muscle. ❤

2 thoughts on “Second Lesson

    • It is. At his greenness, I do expect to see improvement each time for a while longer. I’ll get that dopamine hit for a bit longer before we start to struggle. Lol


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