Getting to Know You

I’ll get back into doing this on time for a Monday update some day, I swear. This week doesn’t look like it has that day though.

It has been very interesting getting to know a new horse. I’ve technically bought a horse twice before, but that doesn’t really count since it was Scarlet twice over. Yes he had some more experiences that I wasn’t there for but at the core he was the same horse. No real new things to learn. That is definitely not the case this time.

Enjoy your new shavings buddy? lol

Not to say that I’m not enjoying myself! I’m enjoying myself immensely. I’m exhausted but enjoying myself for sure. Ezio is really personable and very easy to work with so far. He’s been very well behaved overall. Lippy and treat focused but very easy to walk around the barn. Easy to groom. Easy to ride.

Having my old old saddle working okay right now means that we’ve been able to ride a bit more consistently now. I’m still trying to figure out my schedule with getting to two barns in one day without neglecting either horse. Its going to be a work in progress. It might not be possible but I’ve got to give it my best shot before I give in and go to the barn twice a day.

So for riding, I have cantered Ezio now. I was on the second day of riding him and I managed to longe him before getting on. He didn’t kick up his heels too badly so I figured we’d probably be fine. And we were. He was very well behaved in the canter. I forgot how delightful his canter felt to me. Did I go to slowly by having a few rides with only trot? Probably. Do I regret taking it slowly? Not in the slightest. He’s a baby. We’ve got time for everything.

I did take Sunday and Monday off from riding as I was exhausted after finishing up my lease rides last week and riding Ezio as well. Monday I did free longe Ezio a bit but he seemed more interested in hanging out with me than running around. Tuesday, I needed to finish up quickly since the farrier was coming for Scarlet so I didn’t longe and just got on. I even pulled Ezio away from his food to do it. He was great for that. No fuss, no attitude.

I did only walk and trot but I was on a limited amount of time. And I was focused on figuring out steering. Steering had felt kind of optional in our previous rides and I wanted to keep my leg attached to my body, not rubbed off on the fence. So I focused on that. I’ve noticed that Ezio seems to hate my hands. He’s definitely reacting to something I’m doing and I wanted to figure that out. Turns out, my hands are very connected to my steering and he was unhappy. He wants leg, weight and some outside rein for a turn, not being directed with the inside rein. Fair enough horse. That is bad on my part.

I’m looking forward to more of these little discoveries. Figuring out what works for him and figuring out what I need to show him so that he understands what I’m asking while riding. We’ve got our first lesson scheduled for Friday and that should be very fun.

6 thoughts on “Getting to Know You

  1. The time commitment! Tell me about it girl. I was at the barn on Sunday for four hours and felt like I spent most of my time just cleaning stuff. Who knows if I’ll ever find the time to give them both a bath! Can’t wait to hear about your lesson

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    • It’s a really good reminder for me to ride properly. I turn with my shoulders and core and light aids, not dragging the horse around the circle. It’s hard to change myself but a good lesson imo.


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