Scarlet turned 25 on Friday! He had a good week, including getting his toes done. He actually did amazingly this farrier appointment. No wobbling or anything this time. It was great. It’s always good for me when I see him doing well. I know his improvement can only go so far but its nice to see examples that my efforts of keeping him in some sort of shape are working.

He got spoiled for his birthday. There were more treats from Emmie’s Edibles for his birthday. I got him two birthday cones, which were basically scoops of horse treats on top of sugar cones, covered in sprinkles. He loved them. I think his neighbor would have loved them as well as she started begging for a treat when I began opening the plastic they were wrapped in.

He made a mess while eating it but loved it, which is really all that matters. It was definitely fun to give him an extra special treat. I’m happy to still have him for his 25th birthday.

Going back in time a bit, there was some wild stuff that happened on Tuesday at the barn. I go out early, earlier than most people get to the barn. This day, I was out around 7:30ish. I fed Scarlet like normal and then went to walk back to where Cav’s tack is stored. As one does, I look at the horses as I walk by. I notice one stall and basically stop in place.

What the fuck?

That’s a baby. That’s a baby horse just chilling in the stall. Up, dry, it’s definitely been around for a while. I sent the above picture to Cav’s owner, since she is the assistant trainer, asking if anyone knew about this and if it was planned. Apparently, she was very sleepy when she looked at my text and thought ‘Gosh Alex is an idiot. Its a mini not a baby.’ (A mini did move in last week) And then my picture came in. And she said, no definitely not planned.

The little colt (we determined later) kept looking around for milk but was nuzzling all over the place. I thought he might have issues getting to her teats with the blanket on so I went in and pulled it off. The placenta was near the front of the stall as well. Mom was a bit defensive but when I placed my hand on her, she realized I was going for her, not the baby and was fine with me actually getting her blanket off. Then I called the owner. The BM had called her right before because the stable guys had sent her a text with a picture saying ‘un bebe’. The mare’s owner said wrong number when the BM called her because she couldn’t believe her mare had a baby.

The mare is actually a rescue from a feedlot that the owner got last June. She was super skinny when she came in, as most rescues are, so apparently no one suspected anything from how she was fattening up. But what makes me laugh and shake my head is her lady bits were looking swollen this last week and multiple people at the barn just thought she was in heat. And then there was wax on her teats Sunday or Monday. And still no one expected this. Wild!

Luckily, even with no one knowing and having her blanket on while giving birth, mom and baby are doing great. The vet has come out a couple of times and gave them both clean bills of health. She’s a great mom, keeping a close eye on her baby. He’s quite adorable and pretty big. He’s a solid little boy as well so all her good feeding definitely helped him develop well.

Quite the exciting thing to find out in the morning. It felt quite surreal, like a movie or something. But it meant we had two birthdays last week. XD

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