Well I fell off the wagon a little bit. I’m trying to not beat myself up over it. I fell into another bad mental slump. Now that I’m having more good days than bad, I’m trying to get back to doing all the things.

We’ve had some rain in the past couple of weeks. Somehow, it always ended up being on my riding days. That or it was close enough that the arenas were too we to ride in. (seriously socal, I grew up riding my horse through puddles in the arena. It’s not going to make us melt…) No new lessons for me but not for lack of trying. They kept getting rained out. I did get some rides in on Cav. He’s been having some issues with his right hind. It seems to kinda… disappear randomly. He also has issues with his right lead canter.

His owner is aware and she’s working on getting the vet out to see him. In the meantime, I’ve been very careful to try to be as thorough as possible in our warm ups. I only ask for as much right lead canter as he seems to be able to do. At least he’s very clear on when he’s not feeling good. He doesn’t have a ‘no’ in him so if he says no, that’s all he can do.

Scarlet is doing good. I got a whole bunch of fancy horse treats from Emmie’s Edibles. I unfortunately cannot remember which blogger I saw link her cookies first but I got like 80$ worth of various cookies. Scarlet is very very pleased.

There are a bunch of options. I got the originals that have little dried apple slices inside them, Delilah’s dots which are little cookies with sprinkles, pill pocket treats and b-day cones. Scarlet’s bday is coming up soon so he’s going to get a nice treat then. The treats are super nice. They’re all handmade and Debbie was super easy to work with. They shipped fast and honestly smell great. If they weren’t so hard, I’d be tempted to eat them myself!

Cav likes them as well. He only gets them after a ride though because he actually gets belligerent once he gets them. He gets pushy and begins trying to search for more good treats.

So that’s what we’ve been doing. Nothing much but hanging in there.

4 thoughts on “Breaks

  1. I’ve switched from treats to just bags of carrots, 79 cents for a pound is hard to beat. Way less cute or picture worthy though lol Now that we are into DST we should have more sunlight for your brain and more sun for dry arenas too ❤

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