Getting a Feel For It

Trying to stay consistent with blogging and epically failing. I’m still getting a post up but I kept delaying because I got Pivo video this week and I wanted to find time to edit it and post with this. Did not find the time and figured I’d post before I get that. Videos next time!

Cav and I have been feeling each other out. He’s getting much better at the downward transition from trot to walk. He does still need support into it but even when I don’t, he’s not dumping 100% of his weight onto his front end. I have managed to get him to do canter circles both ways. He currently doesn’t respond to turning aids the same in both directions so I had to figure that difference out as well as supporting him through the circle. But we’ve got it. Its still a 30+m circle but we will get there with more practice.

I’m still quite sore each day. I keep telling myself I need to stretch and then I forget about that promise until I’m done riding again. My hip flexors are not happy. Not only am I out of riding shape but I sit in a chair all day for work. So not the best for my body.

I got my Pivo over the weekend and forgot it on Tuesday. I brought it Thursday but was trying to use an old phone so I didn’t break my current one. But the software wasn’t compatible so I didn’t really get much video. It would just stop tracking me after a while. Cav showed his good boy side though while I leaned down from the saddle and fussed with the phone. He just stood there. He doesn’t walk up and side step toward something well but once you’re standing, he’s happy to stay there.

Saturday I used my current phone and got some video. It’s not fabulous but its there! I will probably just do a Friday post with the edited video (please cross your fingers that I find time for editing this week!) from my Pivo and also some video clips of me riding Dante!

L and I met up for lunch and then went to her barn to ride Dante. I rode him when he was a scrawny 3 year old but was worried I’d ruin him so I didn’t really ride. This time, I really wanted to at least try to ride him like I knew what I was doing. Dante is so tall. I know this, but its been a while since I stood next to him. He’s a gentle giant though and was quite happy to get cookies for a smile or two.

L rode and got him moving. It was wild to watch Dante move with a completely different viewpoint than I’d previously had. Of course I’d admired his movement before but I’ve watched a lot of horses going in circles in ad videos recently so I had more to compare it to. He just has so much suspension in his gaits. Even with my potato riding, his default is so nice.

And I did ride a bit potato-y. In my defense, we met to ride on a Saturday which is one of my lease ride days and I’ve only been riding 3x a week for two weeks now. So I was tired and out of shape. I still did wtc each way but it was pretty much all I could do to manage my own body, let alone his. Dante wasn’t being a brat to me. He just knew he had an easy rider on top. lol.

Being able to compare Cav and Dante (truly no comparison) gives me some ideas of areas I’d like to work with Cav on. It was fun to experience another ride. And it was awesome to see L’s face in person again.

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