So last week I teased you all saying a bit of good news was on the way. Well here it is!

I found a partial lease at my barn! Meet Cav.

I’d been riding Uno once a week for about a year and a half now. And I’m extremely grateful to Holly for letting me ride her boy for so long and for free. It really saved me mentally. Riding is so important to me that losing that still kicked my ass even though I still had Scarlet. But she recently moved to a new barn. While its not that much further, it threw a wrench into my mornings to have to go to two barns. One to ride and one to give Scarlet his meds.

I initially started looking to purchase a second horse. We’d found space in our finances thanks to some good moves up in both my and my husband’s careers so it was something we could afford. I even sat on a possible and had to say no to him. But I don’t know if any of you know this, but the horse market is nuts right now. Nuts. I thought I had an okay budget for a horse at 5k. I didn’t expect anything super quality. Young and green was fine. Any breed was fine. Color, sex, didn’t care. All I wanted was for it to be started enough that I could to a test ride at wtc. But right now, that budget is not getting me much. Granted, I am in SoCal. Things are more expensive here. I can see a ton of options on the east coast but given the state of the world (sigh…) I didn’t feel super comfortable traveling far away to do a test ride.

After about a month of searching and asking on possible ads only to find that they were more than double what my budget was, I was lamenting the market’s state to a lady at the barn when she said that the assistant trainer was thinking about leasing her horse. Since I’m out so early in the morning, I rarely see anyone else. It took a bit of time and syncing up twice but I was able to talk to AT and she was interested in leasing to me. She knew who I was and knew that I’d ridden Uno previously.

Last Thursday I stayed out a bit later and told my work I’d miss my morning meetings (eek! Such a bad employee!) so that I could meet up with AT and try Cav out. He felt good to ride, moved forward nicely. Green in some aspects but it will be a fun challenge for me to see what I can do with him. So we agreed on a half lease that started this Saturday. I still want to purchase my own horse but this half lease means I can ride multiple times a week and also put more money into my horse purchase fund. Hopefully something good will come up when I have more to spend.

A little background on Cav. He’s 9 and hasn’t raced since he was 4. He was retired and tossed into a field for about four years before AT purchased him. He had a lot of behavioral problems when she got him. Couldn’t stand at the mounting block, bolting and rearing. Those are all ironed out now and he’s a much more chill boy. But he’s also had a lot of time off. He had a popped split that took 3-4 months to completely heal, some foot soreness issues on and off. She said in the year she’s had him, he’s probably only been worked for half of that and not consistently. But she doesn’t have enough time in her day to fit him in as much as she wants. So a half lease will benefit us both. Cav gets worked, I get to ride and she gets to have one less horse on her schedule.

The first ride on Cav I didn’t do anything fancy. I wanted to make sure my saddle would fit him well enough and figure out his buttons. I did have to stop during our walk warm up and change out from AT’s half pad to my half pad. Her’s had shims on both the front and the back and mine only has them on the front. The way my saddle is, the back shims were tipping me forward so much I had to struggle to not flop on his head. After the pad change, the balance was a lot better so I continued with the ride.

Cav currently floats above the bit without really touching it. He lowers his head at the walk but lifts it super high at the trot and canter so my whole goal for the ride was to get him to touch the bit and lower his head some. We did manage to do both. After circling and gently encouraging him, we ended the ride with a light touch on the bit. It will get better with time. But his canter was a lot of fun. Definitely a more uphill canter than what I’ve been used to riding. It will be interesting to see how that changes with more strength and teaching him how to really push from behind properly.

All in all, I’m super pleased with the decision to get the half lease. It will be a lot of fun to ride more and see how he goes with more rides. I even purchased a Pivo so I can get a lot more media. Hopefully it will get here in the next couple of weeks so I can get some early video and compare that with later ones as we get more used to working together.

Glamour shot with the nice ears.

6 thoughts on “News!

  1. Congrats!! He’s CUTE! Half lease is such a great step – I’m half looking for one now too – in really nailing down what you want in your next horse. I’m excited for you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is very good opportunity for me. He is pretty cute and I’m enjoying him so far. Obviously only one ride but it’s a good first impression!


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