We have officially reached a goal post! We have gone to the back arena and rolled!

(Please ignore the weird sighs of relief and comments in the video spam coming up. My heart is in my throat still every time he rolls)

So we’ve been able to walk to the back arena and go roll three times this week. A few times the arena was being worked on or occupied and we just did our normal walk.

I’ve  been cautious with our walks when we go roll. The arena sand is much harder for Scarlet to balance on compared to the hard packed ground we’ve been walking on. I wish I had videos of us walking our normal stretch for comparison because these ones look horrible as far as the wobble in his hind. He’s walking almost normal on hard ground.

But not all ground is going to be hard. And if the ultimate goal ends up being getting back to riding (if possible) he will need to be able to walk on sand. Even for the next goals of walking over poles and maybe doing some lunging, he needs to walk on sand. So we have to carefully work our way up in time on sand. So I cut the walk a few minutes short after a roll. We head back the fast way to our stall.

Scarlet seems to be happy to get to roll. He’s pretty okay with our walks overall. He’s stopped being as reluctant to leave the stall. He walks out with only a light tug on the lead. He’s never an ‘enthusiastic’ horse about work unless its the few things he likes doing. Going fast or jumping. He’s enthusiastic there but he just goes with the flow for everything else.

I was hoping to be ready to move on to the next step of a bit of purposeful arena walking now but I ended up hurting my foot by kicking a wall. 0/10 do not recommend. My foot got all swollen and is still a little swollen. Scarlet ended up getting a day off and then two days of shorter walks with roll time. I want to have the full walk and rolling/walking in the arena loose before I move forward and I haven’t gotten to that yet.

My foot is healing and Scarlet seems to be doing quite well with what we are doing now. He has a farrier appointment at the end of next week and hopefully a vet visit the beginning of the week after. Maybe we will get some arena walking in before the farrier. Maybe not. I’m trying not to plan so that I do not rush. I have a vague roadmap but no times attached. We will get there when we get there.

8 thoughts on “Rolling

  1. That is awesome! He looks so pleased with himself when he stood up. I’m so glad things are still moving forward, doesn’t matter how fast. 🙂


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