Rain, Rain Go Away

It’s been raining a lot this last week. Its quite frustrating. I can’t get Scarlet out to walk when it’s raining because its too slippery outside his stall. I don’t think the exercise is worth potentially causing him to get injured more by slipping.

What it looks like when it gets really raining. 

I did manage to get him out for a short walk on Monday. The rain had dried up a bit then and I was able to get him out and walk back and forth on a short dry patch near his stall. He seemed to be enjoying it. It was nice and sunny so I think he was happy with it.

I was able to schedule a vet visit on Thursday. It was pouring intermittently that day so I was concerned about doing anything outside of his stall. The river in front of his stall was there and it was slippery enough that I was slipping. It had been raining all week so I’d warned the vet that we might not be able to do anything more than the acupuncture.

She surprised me by having a long extension cord. So we were able to plug that in to the aisle of Scarlet’s mare motel and do both the acupuncture and PEMF. I was really pleased with that. She told me that his asymmetrical nerve regrowth is normal and that I should expect it. I told her about a recommendation I’d received regarding balance pads and wanted to know what she thought. She hadn’t done much research on them so she noted that and said she’d get back to me.

The day after, it was still too wet to get Scarlet out, though the rain had stopped. He seemed to be a bit more evenly balanced. Still more on the left leg than the right but less so. On Saturday, we got out for a short little walk. He did okay considering there were a lot of tight turns due to our small area to walk. Those load up his legs more and make it difficult for him.

Sunday, it was fairly dry so we got about a 4 minute walk along our normal route. We probably could have gone further as the ground was good but I learned my lesson about pushing past what we should be doing. I got the distance right I think. Scarlet never struggled on our walk. He had a few bobbles on the way back to his stall but he was able to do every part of the walk easier than before. I think he was more balanced overall.

I have another appointment in 2 weeks as it’s easier to cancel than it is to get on the schedule. I do want to keep it and then see if he can go for a while after that. I just need to figure out how that fits into the budget.

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