Early Days

Scarlet got a spa day on Tuesday. The vet was able to do it without me there since I couldn’t be there due to having to work. But she sent me pictures!


She also took a look at his slice while she was there. She trimmed back the flap and scrubbed of the dead skin so that it could heal well. It looked so much better as soon as she did that.

On Wednesday morning we went for a walk. I’ve become an expert at using every single sense to try and figure out how he is moving. I couldn’t tell if it did something neurologically but it did something. I think the first thing that it helped was to relieve his muscle soreness. He is very oddly balanced on his hind end at all times so I’m sure that his legs are sore.

When we were walking, he did very good. We didn’t have any of the weird disconnect of his hind end that day. He also wasn’t breathing quite as hard as he has been on previous walks.

I was tentatively excited about this. I didn’t want to be too excited if it turned out that we were just having a good day.

Thursday was so freaking cold. I know that I am a thin skinned San Diegan but it was cold. I’m pretty sure it was below freezing. I know this because the water buckets were frozen over. The cold makes things harder for Scarlet and he was definitely more stiff when we got out of the pen but I’m pretty sure it was just the cold. As he warmed up, he moved much easier.

Friday we had distinct hoof beats the entire time! He generally starts off dragging the toes of one or both of his hind feet. This time, not at all even from the beginning. I was so happy I wanted to start crying.

I don’t know for sure if acupuncture and pemf actually do anything for the nerves. There are some studies regarding how acupuncture can help with nerve regrowth. But even if it just relieves his sore muscles, it allowed him to move easier and more evenly. This is key to building muscle correctly to support himself better. He needs the muscle right now since he doesn’t have the nerve control.

I am scheduling at least two more sessions. At $212 a pop, they aren’t exactly cheap. But I’m willing to try a couple more and see if we get some results there as well. If so, maybe we wont need more or we could do them at a lesser frequency. The rain coming is going to put a cramp in our walking schedule. Hopefully it wont be too wet and we will still be able to get out some.