2019 Blogger Gift Exchange

I’ve watched the blogger gift exchange happen the past couple years and felt sad because I’d missed out on sign ups. I hadn’t known sign ups were happening actually. I wasn’t following every blog out there so I didn’t realized until too late that it was being run by Tracy at The Printable Pony. The second year I was following but missed the sign ups. I was determined to not miss it this year!

I got a message from Amy of Quantum Chromatic Abberation before thanksgiving telling me to look out for a couple of things headed my way. I got really excited! And then immediately felt guilty because I hadn’t purchased my gifts yet. (I’ve purchased them and they are on their way to the recipient now!)

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving a package arrived at the door addressed to me! I put it aside since I had guests over and wanted to enjoy opening it. After all the craziness of hosting at my house I was finally able to open it over the weekend.


There was a lot of stuff packed inside! Opening gifts is always fun but opening distinctly horse themed gifts is a step above that.


We have some delicious German Horse Muffins for Scarlet. Treats are always a welcome addition, though he really is getting spoiled with his variety right now. I’d actually considered buying these when I went to the tack shop a week ago so I’m glad I didn’t.

I’ve been looking for a softer horse treat to try to use to feed the Equioxx pills. I’d been putting the pill in my hand and then piling some sweet feed around it but I’ve been worried that it would drop out of his mouth as the pills really aren’t much bigger than an oat. A soft treat would be able to be squished around the pill and keep it in place. I had the chance to try these out this morning and it worked pretty well. The longer grains in the treat made it a little difficult but it managed to keep the pill well enough. They also broke apart into chunks easily so I can make these treats stretch as my pill giving treats! Scarlet loved them. He isn’t a picky horse but man does he love himself a nice treat.

Next is a miracle brush and some brush therapy. My brushes are disgustingly dirty right now. I generally keep them cleaner but got a bit lazy and then stuff got crazy so it hasn’t been on the top of my list. So this cleaner is very timely. I’m also interested to see what the miracle brush does as far as mud on a blanket. I just bought Scarlet a new blanket (I hope it fits) and he is definitely going to roll and get it muddy. I’d like to keep him looking at least partially respectable this winter so being able to clean it would be amazing.

img_20191130_155538695 The last thing in the box was a cactus cloth. I had zero idea what this was. Obviously it was supposed to be a horse thing but for what?! I had to go look it up.

Apparently, it is an all purpose grooming tool. It’s supposed to be great for getting mud off horses. Great for getting around joints and areas a brush doesn’t normally reach. Great to use in the bath.

I’ve never had one before so I’m interested to see how it looks. Scarlet isn’t particular about his brushes so I don’t think he will care one way or another as long as he is able to get treats in the process. I’ll report back once I’ve actually used it.

On Monday, a second little package was waiting for me after work. Amy is a really thoughtful and generous secret santa! (Thanks Amy!) I opened it up to find this adorable little guy.


It’s a little Scarlet felted ornament! I unfortunately do not have a tree to hang it on this year. But I will find somewhere in the house to display it. I have to be careful though. I’m sure this will be extremely interesting to my two cats and they will happily tear this apart in a heartbeat. It is adorable and I don’t want it to die an untimely death!

It was super fun to both find gifts and receive them this year in the blogger exchange. I’m so happy I managed to get onto the sign up sheet. It definitely started the holidays off right for me. Thank you Tracy for setting this up year after year. And thank you Amy for being an amazing secret santa!

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