Riding, Sales and Friends

Friday I was able to get out and ride. All the arenas were still open as the rain wasn’t supposed to start until Saturday. I got out to the barn later than I had wanted because I took my car to the shop to get the next milage increment inspection. It took a LOT longer than they had said it would. Luckily, my barn is only a few minutes away from the shop so I just went straight there afterward.

Scarlet was very well behaved for the ride. One of the girls at the barn was playing around on her two horses with her friends. They stayed at one end of the arena and circled at the walk and trot. I am all for sharing horses with friends and having fun but I do get annoyed when they do that in the jump arena. I can’t jump many options without having to abruptly pull up after a jump when people take up one end of the arena. There are FOUR other arenas and two round pens. They could have gone to any of those ones to get out of the way.

I hadn’t planned on doing much jumping as we are both out of shape. Scarlet’s actually starting to look a little preggers again. 😦 I want time to ride my horse so he gets back into reasonable shape! So we didn’t jump. Much. After we did our ride, I trotted and cantered once over the tiny cross rail that is set up. I’ll have to wait till after this next storm to hopefully be able to get back into jumping again.

Saturday I went to Mary’s Tent Sale with L. We met up with Carey while we were there. The tent sale is always fun for looking around for stuff. I found a couple of things that I needed and won one of the raffles. Scarlet got a few cookie samples out of the deal and some wormer which he doesn’t know about yet. Lol. I also got a new sunshirt. I’m always looking for sunshirts for sale. I need the long sleeved ones as well because I need that full sun protection. Unfortunately, most sun shirts don’t have the 50upf that I need. I’ve had skin cancer once already and I am not doing that again. I haven’t even had a biopsy on anything strange in two years now. I’ve kept up the good sun protection and that seems to be doing me well so I plan to keep it up.

We all walked out with a few things and then went to lunch. Its always lovely to hang out with more horse people. I really enjoy it. Too bad life makes it difficult to match up our schedules. But I definitely want to spend a day together again soon.

Sunday, I didn’t ride. It had rained on Saturday and I thought that the arenas would be closed. They actually weren’t but I’d gone out there without being prepared to ride. That’s my fault and I felt bad but Scarlet was fine with the lunge and then cookies he got. He wasn’t wanting to stand still in the crossties while I groomed him afterward so I had to get a little stern.

His stall is still a mess. It was getting almost dry-ish after the week of sun. Hopefully, these next few days only bring showers and not storms like we had previously.

Viva Carlos Blog Hop: My Ideal Day

I wasn’t in town for most of this week so I wasn’t able to ride. It sounds like a perfect reason to hop on the blog hop train started by L at Viva Carlos.

I think everyone in the horse blogging world has a pretty similar ideal day. We are all doing this because we love horses so having more horses in our life is generally our goal.

My ideal day would require a lot of money, as it generally does. I’d love to have two or three horses, maybe more. But those are my current ideal. I’d have Scarlet and two other horses to take lessons with and compete. My morning would start with a walk with my future multiple large doggies. Then I’d have breakfast and head out to the barn.

I’d love to be at the barn from early-ish morning till about lunchtime. So somewhere from 8/9 am-12/1 pm. After that I’d head to lunch, hopefully something uber nutritious and tasty whipped up by my hired chef/nutritionist. Then I’d take several hours to work on my novels. If I’ve got plenty of time and money, being an author would be my ideal career path.

After I hit hour count or word count for my novels, I’d love to just have time to relax. Maybe I’d go for a run with the dogs. Maybe I’d hang out with friends. Maybe I’d spend time reading or playing video games. Unformed free time after around 4-5 in the evening would be my goal there. I like my habits but I also need time to be flexible with what works for me that day.

Honestly, my ideal day would be anything working with horses and following my passions. The only thing really standing in the way of that is money and reality. Some of that may be able to be a reality later but it would require some decent monetary sacrifices and I like having enough money to not worry about accidents and rent payment.

What’s your ideal day? Anyone able to come up with an ideal day that doesn’t require you to be a kajillionaire?