Sore Muscles

After a month and a half of inconsistent riding due to rain followed by two weeks out of town, it’s safe to say my riding muscles are pretty much gone. I’ve been riding a lot this week and I can feel the results.

Monday I wanted to go to work without worrying about time for my first day back in office. Tuesday I went out before work. The morning rides seem to be working pretty well. Im not ending up too tired during my day and I can get a reasonable ride in before I have to leave. Scarlet isn’t as much of a fan. He’s pretty annoyed that he doesn’t get breakfast before I pull him out. I do give him grain while grooming him so he can just suck it up.

Wednesday I was super focused on transitions. I tried to not make it drilling but more like we were doing transitions all over while we were riding our normal things. Transitions really get Scarlet back on his haunches and forward so I love doing them but it’s pretty easy to get him too tense as well. We got some pretty good walk-trot-halt transitions. I’ve really made the connection (a very basic one but better late than never) of how exactly I need to keep my legs on for the downward transitions. I could feel more of the squeezing to a halt type thing. It killed my legs though.

Our trot-canter transitions are still quite terrible. I need to make a point of working on those more. Scarlet really wants to throw his head up for upward and throw his whole body into the ground for downward. I think we should do some concentrated practice on half halts and then going back forward to help with the downward but I don’t know what to do about the upward. Something to think about.

Thursday I was planning on jumping but I didn’t get out to the barn when I wanted to so I had much less time to ride. I want to move the jumps to various heights of xs instead of just using the mini ones set up right now which takes time.

So I changed my plan and just did a basic short ride with circles, serpentines and a bit of counter canter. Scarlet has almost always been good at that. He has zero problem going across the diagonal and cantering around the arena. I do need to try doing some smaller figure eight type things to really make us work at it.

My overall focus for the weekday rides was forward. I wanted Scarlet to move forward at all gaits. Forward requires leg. Leg requires muscle, which I don’t have yet. Ugh I’m sorry and tired. But I’m getting rides in and they are pretty awesome.

3 thoughts on “Sore Muscles

    • I figured it was a strength thing but couldn’t really figure out a good way to help him do it while we build strength. I’ll have to try that.


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