Horse Time!

I’m back! A bit late on this post but when your train that is supposed to arrive at 12:30 am on Saturday is delayed by malfunctioning brakes and you don’t end up getting to sleep until 3am and then you wake up at 8:30, that exhaustion stays with you.

I am back in San Diego though and so happy to be home.

Despite my tiredness, I got out to ride both Saturday and Sunday. Scarlet had been out a lot due to Holly being a boss. He looked pretty good. She’d wrapped his cut to keep the bugs away and prevent him from biting at it. I left it on for Saturday as it had only been on for a day at that point.

Our ride wasn’t anything crazy. I ended up leaving the arena because there were five or six horses in there and then someone went to teach an up-down lesson as well. I have no problem with those lessons but do those in an arena that isn’t the jump arena! The jump arena doesn’t even have a gate that closes!! We had a good ride despite that. I forced him to walk down part of the trail because the mustard seed flowers were ridiculous.

He was the most uncooperative for scale model in the world. The flowers were like five feet high or something. Very tall and very pretty. Also very spooky.

Sunday we jumped a bit. Even though we haven’t been riding recently, he’s been lunged a lot so I figured he was good to go for a bunch of small jumps. And he was. He definitely loved the jumps. He was a bit too excited at first but I worked hard to go with him instead of trying to hold him back. We got pretty good take off points and we were able to loop a few jumps together for a nice mini course on each lead.

I’m hoping to put the jumps back up in height and do some research on some good jumping exercises to set up. Have to pull my 101 exercises book out to get some ideas and measurements. Setting up the jumps is going to be hard when I’m riding in the morning but I will figure it out. Work is really flexible about when I show up so I don’t feel as rushed in the morning.

I did look at his wound and rewrap on Sunday. It’s healing really well. I just want it to get all closed skin or closer to it before I leave it exposed.

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