So, two days away from me being home to deal with stuff myself, Scarlet goes and cuts himself. Not bad. It’s quite small and Holly cleaned it and put some meds on it.

But really horse? Really? I’m ALMOST home and you decide now is a good time? I swear they plan this freaking stuff.

It really doesn’t look too bad and small cuts on his legs don’t worry me much. The flies aren’t really out yet so I don’t think he will bite at it due to them bothering it.

But, the cut is oddly deep for being so small. It’s also the 3rd or 4th such cut that is way deeper than I would expect. I couldn’t find anywhere where I thought he was catching himself on the piping of his stall. I know he plays with his neighbors but they aren’t going to get the inside of his leg like that. At least I don’t understand how. It’s not like they have spikes on their shoes to gouge small holes in his body.

I’ll be back home tomorrow so I can keep an eye on it. I’m even more grateful that Holly is an awesome friend and taking care of Scarlet for me. It may not be the worst injury ever, but I prefer to know about them and keep watch so that a small injury doesn’t become big.

10 thoughts on “Horses…

  1. Irish gets so many dings that I am pretty much ‘meh’. Which is probably not the best idea. I do treat them. I get a little more worried if Carmen has one because she rarely dings herself.

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