Getting Some Rides

By happenstance, I was able to get out of work early on Friday (the whole office did) so I got out to ride Scarlet in the afternoon. I had planned on going out in the morning but woke up to rain outside my window. It worked out well either way.

Scarlet decided to be a butt while I was grooming. I’m putting it that way because I have to remind myself that it’s half my fault that this even happened. I haven’t been cross tying him for a while. He gets too concerned about things going on behind him and dances around to twist and see what it is. Instead, I’ve just been looping the lead over his neck and grooming him while we stand in the crossties. He’s been much better about not moving like that since he can turn his whole neck without having to turn his body.

Friday he lost all that privilege. I was grooming his butt when he decided he wanted to walk off to see where the horse that was being had walked had gone. I scrambled for his lead but didn’t get in front of him fast enough. He realized he was loose and took off running. FML. The barn I’m at is NOT enclosed. Like basically at all. There is a “gate” across the driveway that can be closed but that’s really only good for keeping the horses off that street. They can go anywhere 340 degrees and go for a long time before the meet a fence if they meet one that is able to be called that at all. So Scarlet running away from me (which he hasn’t done since he was freaking 10!!!!) is pretty much  my worst fear.

Luckily, my dumbass horse ran straight back to his stall and then stood there looking at the closed gate in confusion. One of the ladies who is near me in the stalls was out with her horse and was able to walk up to Scarlet and collect his lead. I was embarrassed and annoyed and mad. Both at him and myself. Him because wtf horse you don’t move when I’m grooming you. Me because I kinda left the barn door open and hoped that everyone would be in there in the morning.  I finished grooming him (tied of course) and then left him there tied for a bit so I could let some of the mad go before I got back to riding. Riding mad is good for no one.

Scarlet was really hyped up when I finally got on. No surprise since he basically just went on a joy ride. Despite the energy, he was decently good for the ride, if spooky. I feel like I’ve gotten better at stopping the sideways motions of spooks without pulling back on him. It’s just gathering the momentum and shoving it forward instead of sideways now. We lose less of our feeble connection when I do it right.

Saturday I got out in the afternoon as well. I’d stopped by the feed store in the morning and picked up a couple of bags of bedding pellets. I wanted to try and lay them down in his stall to see if they would help with the wetness of it. I know they aren’t going to do a ton but if they could even expand his dryish area slightly, that would be awesome.


I hopped on for a ride and then moved a ton of mud around to try and lay the best possible foundation before spreading the pellets above. Scarlet didn’t care at all about me carrying a bag around his stall and shaking it. His neighbors did though. I have such a subjectively spooky horse.

I got out Sunday for the last time in about two weeks. My new job is requiring me to go to the headquarters in Santa Barbara for training. I’m only mildly bitchy about having to be away from home that long. Holly said she’d get Scarlet out to lunge him for almost every day while I’m gone and the husband can take care of himself and the cats. I just don’t like to be away from home.

Sunday after half a day in the stall. Not fully expanded but hopefully they will help with the few showers that are expected in the next couple of days.

He was good for his ride. It’s quite difficult for both of us to work hard as we are so out of shape. I do my best and he responds decently well. We just don’t have the muscle to keep it up. I also seem to be hurting my right knee when asking him to get off that leg. I have to do that a lot as he likes to lean to that side. It’s not horribly hurting but it feels strained like I’m bending it wrong. I am going to look into stretches to see if there is anything that might be useful for that. Any suggestions anyone has would be welcome.

Not sure how I’m going to keep my sanity with not riding for the next two weeks. Any suggestions on that as well? XD

4 thoughts on “Getting Some Rides

  1. I’m dreading conditioning for summer time because I definitely need to up the cardio in order to last outside more than 15 minutes. Maybe you’ll be able to get some good gym time while you’re away at training?

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