The rain is a bump. The more worrying/important bump is one Scarlet came out of his stall with on Friday. He had a squishy lump right on his girth line, behind his shoulder. He didn’t have  it on Thursday. It felt soft and warm but hopefully not puss filled, and he didn’t give a hoot if I poked and pushed on it. He just wanted more treats.


Still, I was a little worried about putting a saddle on over it. I wasn’t sure if continual pressure would end up hurting where poking it didn’t. I did want to get him out and moving though. The rain is supposed to come back this next week making riding questionable. So I thought I’d try the bareback pad and see where that landed. The edge was still on the lump but I didn’t think that it would cause much pressure. I figured I could always hop off if he started to complain.

It didn’t hurt him because we went for a 40ish minute ride. My legs, butt, abs and back hated me for the rest of the weekend. I haven’t been riding much as it is but bareback? Yeah, everything hurt. Still hurts actually. My hip flexors need some serious work. They are so tight.

Saturday I lunged him because the lump was still there. It seemed slightly flatter. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it is just an overly aggressive nip from a neighbor. They are all a little cranky from the rain. Sunday I just ran out to check on him and the lump is mostly if not all the way gone. I won’t say it’s fully gone till I get out a couple more times to check on it but it seems good. He hoovers up treats just fine and still doesn’t seem to be in any pain. A watch and see thing.

A nice roll before our lunge

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