More Fasts

My riding schedule hasn’t returned to a consistent schedule as of yet (working on that. Me a lazy bum. lol). The rain definitely influenced a few things. The arena was closed again on Monday. I wanted to get on and ride as last time hand walking around the barn gave me shin splints.

Scarlet was super eager to be off and was ungodly excited when I allowed him to start trotting. The other horses in the barn started to dart around and freak as we trotted past. I felt a little bad about that so I ended up mostly trotting away from the stalls and in a small circle to the side of the back arena. I figured that if the horses freaked when I was moving there, that’s not my problem as much. It’s literally where horses run all the time so its just the wiggles from not having been out I think.


Scarlet was still extremely eager in the circles so I kept him going until we chilled a bit. Not the best workout for him but we managed to at least get moving.

Tuesday the arena was open again! And Holly was out riding Uno. Scarlet was super duper excited to be going again. He’s always slow to get warmed up at the trot but he was a bit more looky and tense than he normally is. When we cantered, he lit up. You could just hear the thoughts blaring from his head. “OMGZ! FAST! YES! MORE MORE MORE!!” I ended up having to two point around and just let him for for a while. He just wanted to keep cantering and cantering. He was so strong at the trot when I brought him back as well.

We ended up riding for almost an hour just cause he wanted to keep going. Its the thing I love and hate about arabs. They are still fresh when you are worn out.


Since it was warmer, I gave Scarlet a bath. He really really smelled bad and I just really wanted to get him clean. Not going to last very long but it made me feel happy. He hates baths but I think he forgave me as he got to eat grass for another hour afterward to dry off before I put him away.


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