A Day at the Barn(s)

The holidays have come and gone. I traveled a bunch and am sooooo happy to be back home. This means I haven’t gotten much horse time recently. It’s also been raining a decent amount (for San Diego) so the arenas haven’t been the best.

I hand walked Scarlet on Tuesday because the rain had made the arenas soppy and I didn’t want to try a ride around the barn after close to two weeks without riding and a cold snap. I ended up jogging with him a bit. Except for the very first jog, where he got a bit excited to be going FAST, he was a perfect gentleman. I ended up giving myself slight shinsplints due to running in my boots.

I rode Wednesday and Thursday. The jump arena dries so well now that the footing is maintained and even all across. The corners were a little sloppy but those are easily avoided. I only did just over 30 minutes of riding both days. Scarlet was pretty good all things considered. My muscles were just not there for the rides. It really sucks how quickly muscle structure vanishes. And I’m not over 30 yet so I dread how that’s going to go as I get older.

Friday, I got to spend the whoooooole day at the barn. L. and I arranged to hang out for the whole day as I don’t have a job and she had a couple of weeks off around the holidays. We started with her barn and I got to watch a lesson with her on Dante. It was so awesome to see the monster baby horse again. He’s gotten a bit naughty and more mouthy but I think it’s just because he’s bored. He really had to work his little brain during the lesson and I think it was so good for him. He definitely figured out everything that Trainer M gave them to do. I took lots of video for L to analyze later.

We hung around her barn for a while, putting things away and watching some other lessons for a bit. Then we got lunch and headed to my barn.

I was excited to show off what Scarlet and I have been doing in regards to jumping. Too excited unfortunately. I got too greedy and set all the jumps higher than I normally start. Scarlet did one or two at that height and then was like, um no. So we had like 4 refusals. L ended up hopping into the arena and dropping the edge of one vertical for me and we popped over it while it was tiny and unimposing and then did it twice after she put it up.

I’m pretty mad at myself for doing that to Scarlet. I should have known better. He hasn’t jumped in pretty much a month. We are both fairly green at jumping. I should have given him something smaller to warm up over and more varieties of heights rather than just pushing him to go higher cause I wanted to show off. Lesson learned.

L did hop on afterward and Scarlet behaved super nice for her and she got him over jumps as well. All in all, it was an entire day spent at barns with a good friend. I so want to do that again. I can’t think of a better way to spend the day.


6 thoughts on “A Day at the Barn(s)

  1. aw i’m bummed the ride didn’t go as you planned after such an awesome day of horsing with L — but ya know, that’s part of the training process. sometimes you have to run into those refusals to build and get stronger and know how to do better next time. after one of my earliest shows with isabel when i made a really stupid mistake, my trainer reminded me that experience is that thing we get right after we needed it lol.

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    • Yeah I’m reminding myself of that. Scarlet isn’t holding a grudge. I haven’t gotten to jump again yet but our riding has been fine for sure.

      I’m definitely going to keep in mind that Scarlet needs a smaller jump for warmup. He ended up getting freaked out after the refusals. He tries to anticipate and is generally an anxious horse so I need to set him up for success.


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