Variety is The Spice of Life

Scarlet and I did a lot of stuff together recently.  None of it was off site of our barn though. I’d love to take him places and work on being comfortable like that, but lacking a truck and trailer means I’ve got to get innovative with what I’ve got available.

Holly’s been looking at part leasing Uno to save some money. She hasn’t found anyone yet but there was a person who came out to trial on Wednesday. She asked me to be there at that time so that she can have a second opinion. Riding while paying attention to someone else and dodging a lesson horse is really difficult so instead of jumping a bit like I had planned, I ended up sitting and watching. Scarlet was cool with it because it meant he got to laze about. The potential leaser seems decent and a quiet ride. Holly is going to have them come try another time or two to make sure they and Uno can get along.

Thursday I did a bareback ride. It had been a while since my last one and I want to keep myself doing them. They are really good for focusing on myself and how I ride. After our ride, I decided to be super brave. We went around the trail loop. Scarlet was actually pretty good. He got a bit tense near the last chunk but he tends to start jigging there anyway. We just need to do more and more loops so he realizes that this is totally normal and he doesn’t have to worry. I wanted a picture of me doing it but I didn’t trust him enough to take my hands of for a picture. Maybe in the future.

Friday morning we jumped a bunch. Scarlet warmed up okay and was pretty sluggish overall. He’s quick to think we’re just going to exit the arena after we do our warm up. He listens though, so I try not to get too annoyed at him. He did quite obediently jump over everything. We didn’t have perfect distances but I also barely had the jumps at two feet. They might have even been less. I think he’s starting to disrespect stuff that is lower. He knocked a vertical with his feet enough to tap it but not make it fall. He doesn’t normally do that so I think I need to raise the fences, even when I’m feeling lazy. Or at least raise a few so I have some fences to challenge him with.


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