Health Stuff

Scarlet had to get his teeth floated and his vaccinations on Wednesday. He doesn’t love the covered crossties we have to go into in order to get it done. I arrived early and waited for 15 minutes after the vet was supposed to arrive. He called me and said he was going to be there in about 20 minutes. So more than half an hour late… Should have known better than to arrive early for a horse related appointment. I’m a perpetual early bird to appointments. I get anxious about being late really easy. I’ll just have to be ready to chill when it’s a horse thing.

Waiting for the vet

The vet showed up and got to work. Scarlet was pretty good and didn’t do more than kinda try to move backward. Understandable when there’s a giant rasp in your mouth. The vet said he looked pretty good because he stays on a regular schedule. Always nice to hear that my old boy is healthy.

Drugged baby

After the vet went to do another horse’s chiro appointment. I stood around tapping his face to try and get him a bit more awake before I walked him back to his stall. I must have been there too long because the vet stopped back to check on me and then walked Scarlet off. He told me he was good to go back. Sorry vet if I look like a crazy horse mom. I am! Scarlet is very important and I’m overly cautious with his health.

We then had a stupid amount of rain come down. I’m happy for it because rain in CA is always welcome. San Diego has rain so rarely that literally no one knows how to drive in it. When I was going to the store, everyone was driving like they’d never driven before. Better than the alternative. There was a serious multiple car multiple fatality accident that might too so I’ll take the granny driving thanks.

I got our Saturday morning and went on a few loops of the trail with my friend K and her horse. Scarlet was really good about it all. He hugged a bit but after having not been ridden for 4 days, I’m not complaining.

After the ride, I gave Scarlet his grain. He just shuffled around instead of trying to eat it. Immediately, I started panicking. He ate if I lifted the pan but he didn’t want to lower his head much more than halfway down. I left him to the pan while filling his water and he ended up eating a bit from it but he didn’t clean his plate like he normally does. He drank a lot of water too so I didn’t think he was really sick. I ran my hands all over him and didn’t find anything besides a small bump where a vaccine was given. I talked to K and she said her horse has a stiff neck all the time after vaccines it takes her three days or so to recover. She gave me some bute to give Scarlet so he could have some pain meds.

So, in light of that, I’m planning on putting together a first aid kit list for myself. I’ve got bute, vet wrap, gauze, wound cream. Anything else you guys suggest?


6 thoughts on “Health Stuff

  1. A lot of the time after getting teeth done their backs can get sore from holding their head up and being tense.

    I suggest some banamine and electrolytes to keep on hand. Some Ace (tranq), thermometer, stethoscope, Vaseline, scissors, bandaids, rubbing alcohol.

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