Windy Days

I’ve been riding pretty consistently except for these past few days. The lack of posts is probably more due to NaNoWriMo than anything. Once I’ve written upwards of 1667 words a day, it’s hard to convince myself to write more. Blog posts still use the creative section of my brain. Oh well. Nano is going well. I’m ahead of the par wordcount by a full day. It helps on the days that I can’t quite get the full word count.  Onto riding news!

The clip seems to be working well. Scarlet dries a lot faster while we ride. We haven’t been doing too many night rides lately so I have plenty of time to cool him down. Since the days heat up still down here, I’m happy he has a bit less hair to deal with.


I’ve been focusing a bit more on transitions as they are just really bad. I’d like for us to be able to do them without Scarlet getting all tense and anticipatory. That’s a work in progress. I’m trying to make them less of a big deal and something we just do. It only works some of the time. The upward transitions are pretty good for the most part. The downwards are either super slow or he jolts onto his forehand. A work in progress. It’s good to have something to focus on though.

I haven’t jumped much recently. This week has been super windy. Monday night was horrible. I was considering doing a bareback ride but Scarlet was wired when I was grooming him. Definitely was not interested in taking a nose dive because I was stupid enough to choose the wrong tack.

After we got it together, I hopped on. We rode around the jumping arena with the lights on and Scarlet barely held it together by the edge of his shoes. He was trying really hard to look at everything but also listen to me. He spooked a bit and I didn’t want to push. He’d spooked into a mini bolt and as there was a tiny kid riding in a lesson, I didn’t want to scare her or have to steer a freaked out horse. After we got a basic w-t-c done, I called it for the day.

Wednesday, it was still uber windy so I did some lounge work with him. He spooked and never settled down. That’s not usual for him with the lounge.

Thursday it was finally less windy and we got a really good ride done. Lots of transitions, circles, and serpentines. He’s really resistant to bending to the right lately and I really need to work on that. But I was happy with his work. We did a loop of the trail as a cool down. He did try to jig about halfway through so I had to choke up on the reins and tell him we were walking down the sandstone hill, not trotting. Overall, he’s doing okay on the trail. I just need to get him out there more until it becomes a boring thing.


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