It’s getting hot in here

So I took of Scarlet’s clothes.

Well, his hair.

It’s depressingly hot down here in San Diego. We will get a few nice days of low 70s and then it decides to jump back to mid 80s. Scarlet is at a barn that is more inland so it’s always warmer no matter what. It’s getting to the point that we get soaking wet with sweat before our warmup is finished. Cooling out is difficult as it does cool down a lot at night and I don’t want to put him up wet.

Last year I shaved his neck and shoulders for the same reason. This year, I decided to do more of a modified trace clip and get some of his belly in there.

He doesn’t like the covered crossties where the power sockets are. For one, we never go up there so its a completely new place. Also, he can’t see very well out of that area so any sounds really set him off. I coaxed him in with a handful of baby carrots and got set up.

I have to say, every time I shave him, I’m very impressed with how politely he stands. He doesn’t stand still hardly at all when I’m just grooming him but as soon as I start shaving, the most he does is shift side to side to get some flies off of him. He is so well behaved. I had about half a bag of carrots and a pocket full of treats and he got all of them before I’d finished clipping.

It’s not the prettiest clip job in the world but its pretty good. It should do the job of keeping us cooler when we ride. I could have tried to clean it up some more but I was so done with clipping at that point. I have no idea how anyone ever does a full body clip. So much work!


10 thoughts on “It’s getting hot in here

    • I hadn’t until I moved further south. It’s not cold enough to blanket but it’s also too cold to put up wet. I definitely ride enough to really get him sweaty.


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