Catch-up Post 9: Dante’s jumpie show

I know. I know. This one is so far behind that it’s hardly relevant. But I want to chronicle the things that happen to me in the horse world and this one definitely deserves a post.

L. told me that she had classes for flat and jumping on Saturday and Sunday at the showgrounds. I definitely wanted to go watch and take pictures. I love being at horse shows. Its super exciting. I don’t know if I would still be able to maintain the same attitude if it was me showing (likely no) but I love attending. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to attend on Saturday as I had plans for the early afternoon but I ended up making it.


The classes were running an hourish behind schedule, which means I arrived in time to hang out at the barn with L, Carey and another lady whose name I’ve forgotten for a while before L needed to tack up and warm up. I volunteered myself to carry the hoof oil, whip, brushes etc she needed to polish up before entering the ring. L warmed up and then headed in for her rounds.

Dante is a goofy baby still and got surprised by the first fence but looked so lovely over most of the rest of them. I videoed so if you’d like to see those, take a look at her post here. Not the most perfect hunter rounds ever but it was the first show he had gone over fences and it was very contained for a four-year-old. I hung out with L while she put him away and then watched a few jumper rounds before leaving.  Nothing says a good weekend like spending a chunk of time at a horse show!

7 thoughts on “Catch-up Post 9: Dante’s jumpie show

    • Ive not done many horse shows myself so spectating is my default. Someday ill be the one hoping someone takes the videos for me. 🙂


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