Catch-up Post 8: More Grids!

We did more grids! Some jumps were set up in what looked like a one stride to a one stride. I was out there Saturday morning (14th) with no one else riding. Perfect time to do some more jumps. I got off Scarlet to drop all but one jump to poles to start. It’s always nice that he will just chill right where he is when I’m moving jumps. Not perfectly ground tied but he does it when we are in the arena.


Step 1

The spacing was not right. It ended up being something like 1.5 strides to 1.5~2ish strides. I’m super glad that I had decided to put everything down to poles instead of just diving head first. I moved the middle jump back to try to make it an even 1 and 2 strides. We did the poles again. Not quite right. I moved the middle jump 2 more times and then the third jump once to get the proper striding happening. Oh well. It worked out eventually.

Step 2

As you can probably tell from this picture, this is actually when I moved the third jump. The angle was weird and we were getting an odd line through that was messing us up. We had to do this a few times because Scarlet’s momentum was not very forward. (more on that later)

Final step

By this point, Scarlet was getting a little annoyed with me and me with him. We chunked our way through the grid twice with him trotting after the second jump once and after the first the second time. I tried to not get too frustrated with him and got a much more forward canter and we made it through at the canter with some strong leg.

A lady who was turning her horse out in the arena came over to the rail and I made a comment on how he was just done with me. She asked if I would want some advice as she used to be a trainer. I said sure. I’m always open to advice. Whether I take it or not is a different story. She told me that I was holding him back and pushing him forward while we were going through the grid, which is why he was so annoyed with me. I needed to release better. Okay, I thought, let’s do this again. She was nice enough to video for me.

I thought about over releasing as we went over the jumps and we made it through very smooth. I called it a day and thanked her for videoing.

Later, I reviewed the video and showed L the video and I realized that my hands suck. They are so far back just normally that over releasing legitimately did not show. Trainer D has had to remind me to carry my hands forward and up during the lessons and I thought I had been doing better. Seeing this video, I still have a long way to improve and I really get what she was telling me now. The wonderful thing about videos is being able to see yourself as other people see you. My main goal for riding for a while is going to be HANDS FORWARD!!! XD

8 thoughts on “Catch-up Post 8: More Grids!

  1. I do the same thing (locking my elbows down with my hands super low). What has really helped me is putting a braid in the mane where I want my hands to be. It’s a quick, visual reminder of where my hands should be (instead of where I think they are).

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      • At neutral. If I aim for my hands to be about 1/3 of the way up May’s neck and up in front of me, they tend to end up in the right position. The braid serves as more of a reminder like “oh yeah, hands up and forward.”

        I find my release comes more naturally when my hands start in this position vs. trying to make a big move with my hands at the base of the jump.

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  2. It can be hard to let go, but the grid’s job is to slow the horse down. haha another recommendation for the release is next time to braid a couple pieces of his mane further up his neck and just hold your hands there are you go through it, You can also practice going back and forth too 🙂

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