Catch-up Post 4: Completing a Goal

Saturday, June 30th I didn’t have a concrete plan for riding. It was pretty empty and I just hopped into an arena and started warming up. We did some bending and transitions and I decided that I was done with arena work. I wanted to push Scarlet down the trail a bit, just to see if we can get a bit farther than last time. Trail walking is quite a good cool down.



It was amazing. I tried my best to stay super relaxed and just keep lightly insisting on going forward. And it worked. Scarlet wasn’t in love with walking on his own but he never really got super tense. He would swing his head toward the barn every once in a while to stare (you can see the barn for the whole circuit) but I didn’t feel like he got more than mildly anxious about leaving the barn behind.

I don’t have any pictures because I wasn’t going to jinx anything by pulling out my phone and then having him flip out and dump me. But it was great y’all. We started jigging a tiny bit on the backside of the loop as we were heading toward home. But there is a difference between jigging from “I want to go home” and jigging from “OMG EVERYTHING IS GONNA KILL ME”. It was definitely the former so I just kept insisting that we walk. And we finished the loop. And I didn’t fear for my life while doing it.

I’m so proud of him. It’s really hard for him to go alone away from other horses. We’ve never really had the opportunity to do trails at any other place we’ve lived so we aren’t really experienced.

I gave him extra grain as a reward, though I’m not sure he knew what it was for. I’ll definitely be doing this again and again before the summer light goes away. It will be great to use it as a cooldown. I’ll wait till we do it a handful more times before I try to head out there without some work in the arena to drain off energy.

6 thoughts on “Catch-up Post 4: Completing a Goal

    • Thank you! It was so freaking exciting when we did. I was trying so hard to remain relaxed on the loop so i wouldn’t translate any tension to Scarlet.


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