Beginning of November

My last two-point time was from Oct. 30 with 8 minutes. It was so difficult to hold it that long and I’m pretty sure only will power kept me there. I had wanted to get a longer time on Halloween but about 4 minutes in, my left leg cramped something fierce so I had to bow out and hope that 8 minutes was good enough.

AND IT WAS!!!!!!

I won for most improved. I am so happy. I did not enter the month thinking that I had any chance of getting a prize. I had trouble getting my 22 second baseline. I figured that I’d use this month as motivation to improve. When my time jumped to around 4 minutes at the end of the second week, I started to think that maybe I could do this. And so I pushed myself. And improved so much. I want to give a heartfelt thank you to Emma and Allison for hosting this year’s competition. I really needed the pseudo outside kick in the pants to push myself. I now have proof I can do more than I thought and I hope to carry that motivation into other months of doing more, starting with No Stirrup November.

I haven’t gone out to ride yet this month. I’m heading out Friday but Wednesday and Thursday are busy with other things. I have been writing for Nano and my word count as of this blog is 2322. There is still time to join and have fun writing a novel for this month! It also doesn’t have to be a novel and there is no punishment if you don’t finish. I’ve known people who have written poetry, short stories, music and coded during this month so it’s really just a month for creative pushes in all fields.

Super awesome news: I’ve got a saddle fitting on Friday! A rep from Stubben will be coming out and helping figure out what saddle shape/size works for both of us. I’m so excited! I’m going to take all the notes and pictures.

6 thoughts on “Beginning of November

    • Thank you! I’m honestly happier that I did it. Strange to say cause everyone loves prizes. But being able to get way past my original stretch goal of five minutes is the best part.


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