On Sunday I rode bareback again. I tried to work harder at it since I knew that I was able to stay on Scarlet’s back. It was just as much work as the first time, possibly even more. I was really really sore and my hip flexors now hate me for eternity. I wanted to try and get more actual riding done so I was trying to get bend and such. Letting go enough with my hands so that Scarlet could move forward was hard though. I know that holding onto his face wouldn’t keep me on his back if it came to that so why do I have such a hard time of letting go of the freaking reins? Silly brain.

I was able to get more bend through the corners and a few more circles. I tried really hard to let go for canter transitions but they were still pretty bad. Did you know, that if you put your inside leg on the horse while going around a corner or on a circle, your weight naturally stays more centered? Who knew. lol. It’s funny how you know some stuff about riding but then when you ride a different way, the mechanics of it blows your mind.

Monday I thought his bite might be good enough to not be aggravated by the girth so I did a saddled ride. It was much easier on my body in general. What wasn’t easy was that I tried out some spurs I had just bought. I rode with spurs back when I first had him, though not until two years after I bought him. My trainer back then was adamant that I not ride with spurs until I wasn’t going to bop him with them due to my wiggly legs. So I’ve ridden with spurs before. But it’s been about nine years since I’ve ridden with spurs. And I’ve gotten lazy with my cues. I could not freaking¬†figure out how to cue without spurs and make it effective. My legs felt so odd as I tried to do the inside of my foot or my calf for cues. It really sucked. I’ve got one more aspect of my riding that I need to fix. I didn’t really think about how my cues were being communicated these past couple of years but apparently, I’ve been lazy. Sigh. More work on getting my toes to turn a bit more forward so that my cues are more correct. After the ride, the bite on his girth line didn’t look like it was agravated so I’m hopeful I can continue to use my saddle while riding.

Tuesday, I was just too sore to do anything. So I didn’t. I haven’t ridden four days in a row in a long time. Plus, two of those days were bareback. So I told myself to not feel guilty about missing out. Instead, I went to the library to pick up books (eleven! XD) and then went out to the barn to give Scarlet a bit of time in turnout. When I got there, there were a couple of dogs running around the barn on the back end of the property. I was annoyed because people should have their dogs on the leash always when at the barn. Both for the horses’ safety and for the dogs’.

I got Scarlet out and put him into the arena for a bit of a roll and a stretch. Then I marched over to the dogs, ready to figure out who their owner was to give them a piece of my mind. At this point, one of the dogs was barking at the horses and that is NOT okay. But, it turns out that they were runaways that had escaped a yard.

So, my dad has this really deep voice that he uses when the dogs aren’t paying attention, misbehaving, or some other dog tries to come out and bark/attack during a walk. It’s this really deep alpha growl of a voice and he yells at them. I’ve figured out how to approximate that with my own voice (Scared the crap out of my husband the first time I used that on dogs that were coming over to bother us while we were walking, lol) So I yelled at the dogs. The barking one, a shepherd mix, came loping over to me and stood right next to me. He was all “okay, okay, you said not to I stop.” Since he had obliged me by coming over, I snapped the lead onto his collar and took a look at his tag. His buddy was a blue and white pit without a collar but he was really chill and pretty tired. He just moseyed over and stood next to us while I called the number on the shepherd mix’s tag. I called up the owner.

Me: “Um, hi. Do you have a dog named Guinness?”

Guy: “Uh, yeah. I do. ”

Me: Do you also have a pit looking dog? Grey and white?”

Guy: “Yeah, Blue.”

Me: “Okay cool. I have both your dogs. It looks like they got out. They are at X”

He was really sorry and said he was still at work but would leave and come get them. So I kept a hold on Guinness. He looked to be about one and was really energetic and excitable. I figured Blue wasn’t going to head off anywhere without Guinness so at least I had a hold of one of them. I got some water and let them drink. They were pretty thirsty. One of the ladies said she had been trying to get them for a bit but they had just come close and then ran off.

The guy called me back and said his girlfriend was actually closer and would be there in about five. I waited with the dogs and she came to pick them up. She was thankful that I had grabbed them and kept apologizing. It wasn’t their fault that the dogs decided today was a great day to go on an adventure. I didn’t hold a grudge, especially since the dogs didn’t do anything to the horses. She was surprised that I was able to catch Guinness since he is pretty slippery. She said he would let anyone pet him but not grab him. I explained that all I did was yell at the dogs and he came right over. She laughed and said that was what their owner did so maybe that was it. The dogs loaded right up into her car and she took them home.

After that, I just sprayed Scarlet down with fly spray and then put him away. A lot more eventful than I expected the lazy Tuesday at the barn to be but I’m glad I was able to make sure the dogs got home safely. But, in my silliness, I forgot to get pictures of the dogs! And Guinness was soooooo pretty too. Lol. I fail at blogging and putting up pictures.


4 thoughts on “Sore!

    • It was. One of them had crawled into a stall when I yelled at them. They both behaved after that but Guinness was young enough that if a horse had flipped at his barking he might have gone for more.


    • Lol. If we get together someday, I’ll be happy to demonstrate. I’m not sure if I could figure out how to teach it. The only thing I know is I lower my voice a ton and roar at them. I copied my dad when I was little and it worked so I kept doing it. XD


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