I can’t prepare for vacations apparently. I was not prepared for this one last week. I meant to have a book review post ready for Friday and a post ready to upload Sunday but no dice. I cannot handle life and getting ready for a vacation at all. Fail!

Except for the book review, the posts would have been pretty light. The heat wave caused me to not do much at the barn. I did head out to check on Scarlet’s nose. It looks like it is healing well. Me being a dummy, I forgot to take photos until a week after I first saw it so here is a week later update pic.


I had left his flymask completely off while the rub healed. I was able to get out Friday before I left to visit the in-laws and saw that that wasn’t going to work. He had taken to rubbing his eyes and had rubbed a teeny tiny bit of skin off the inside corner of one. Eyes are more important than his nose so I put it back on. I put it on loose though, in the hope that he wouldn’t rub the exact same spot. I haven’t been able to get to the tack store to get another one yet but I will be going soon.

Since I was out in the morning, I was able to ride. I didn’t do much since we were leaving shortly but I got about a 30-minute ride in.

Monday was cooler and I was able to get home from our trip early enough to get a ride in the evening. It was pretty humid and I was tired, so I decided to stick to an easy 30ish minute ride again. I rode in the jump arena and warmed him up. By the time I was done warming up, I was ridiculously tired. That’s what I get for riding inconsistently for a few weeks. I’m so out of shape now.

But I wasn’t done riding. I wanted to send him over a few jumps as a fun thing. So I trotted over a few. And they weren’t terrible but they weren’t good. He decided to lose all momentum at the base of the jump and awkwardly hop over. He didn’t do that at the canter. After a few successful canter jumps, I went back to the trot and forcefully booted him over the jump at a good pace. That went much smoother. I like cantering jumps better and I guess I’ve been letting Scarlet get away with being bad at trotting. I’ll have to put that on the list of things to practice.

Tuesday I went out and rode for only 30 minutes again. I’m catching a cold and it drained some of my energy but I stuck out the ride. I focused on circles and transitions. Scarlet’s trot after some frequent transitions is so different than his typical trot. He is much more elevated. Part of it is tension from anticipating but part of it is he just has to use his back a bit more. I’m thinking of adding some halt-walk-trot transitions into the basic warm up we do just to get him pepped up a bit. Not a lot as his back won’t be warm but just enough to engage his brain. I’ll try it for a bit and see if we can do it without him getting too anxious and tense.

FYI, the book review will be up this Friday, promise.


2 thoughts on “AH VACATION!

    • It is looking better but I probably won’t be satisfied till its all gone. lol I’m such a mother hen sometimes.

      Circles and transitions are important. It’s easy for me to forget that because they are also boring. I try to make sure I get on with a plan of something to practice so that I don’t just tune out and go around the arena without a brain.


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