Lack of Motivation

I’ve been lacking the motivation to do anything lately and am jumping at the smallest excuse to not do this or that. Unfortunately, horse time sometimes gets lumped into that avoidance. It’s not that I don’t enjoy going out to my horse. I really do. But after sitting around at work all day, sometimes I just want to veg. This usually is at the expense of anything more strenuous than throwing clothes in the wash. I wish I could arrange my schedule so I could ride in the morning before I’ve used up motivation on other things. I’d get that done and then have the rest of the day to do work and the other things I need. But I’d have to get up at 4 or some other god awful hour in order to make it work with my job. So I am stuck doing my riding after work.

I have ridden and accomplished some things despite my laziness but then I gave myself a 5 day break so I honestly cannot remember when I accomplished theses things so I’ll just give a run down.

(I did see The Book of Mormon in those 5 days off so I didn’t just sit on my butt eating chips.)

I’ve been practicing two-point. It’s still quite hard but I’ve stuck with it. I managed to two-point at the trot for five total minutes. There is no steering and I hardly let go of the mane but I was up there! I’ll improve with practice. My next goal is to go 15 seconds without holding the mane. I’ve been adding some ab exercises to my daily routine to try and improve my core muscles for this. They are working me hard so I’m hoping to see results soon.

I’m able to get Scarlet to go to the bend where the trail turns from the barn. He isn’t in love with it but he goes without protesting too much. It’s a good addition to our cool down and I’m going to keep doing it. Maybe when he is a bit more comfortable, I’ll inch down the trail again. I’m not doing it till he is comfortable though because the turn allows him to see the barn and I know he is going to try to fight me to go right back.

Horse nose!

I plan to have a lesson soon. Probably next week. I want to wait till the heat drops again and till my breech order comes in.

I also may tentatively be on the market for a jump saddle. In a discussion with my husband about anniversary gifts, saddles came up and he wasn’t a super shut down about it. So I’m currently contemplating trying to find an independent saddle fitter because I’d like someone to be able to look at me and my horse and figure out what we both need. I don’t have a super high budget but I’m hoping that once I have the specs, I can search around till I find the right one.


8 thoughts on “Lack of Motivation

    • I know!! I had to try to not act too excited. I’d been considering one anyway but figured I’d need to go cheap. With him okay with it, I can get a bit more expensive one!!!


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