Higher Jumps

I got up as early as I possibly could on Saturday so that I could try to ride Scarlet before It got hot. I managed to get out to the barn around 7:20. And it was already 75 degrees. Ugh. I tried to get Scarlet tacked up as fast as possible. I brought my water bottle out to the jumping arena with me because I knew I was going to want it while riding.

The jumps had been set slightly higher than I normally jump them. I hadn’t been planning on jumping when I drove in but I saw them set up and my laziness spoke to me and said, now is a good time to jump more appropriate heights without having to move the jumps yourself. lol So I jumped.

I figured out a different stirrup length for jumping and it felt better. Not perfect. I still don’t love my current saddle for jumping but it definitely felt more balanced. Someday I’ll save up enough money to get a saddle fitting and a jumping saddle.

Scarlet warmed up very well for me. We trotted over the lower crossrail a couple of times and I circled around to trot over the second half of a line. Scarlet wasn’t paying attention to me and stumbled to a walk just in front of the fence and had to step over it. He felt very uncoordinated. We did the circle around again and he actually trotted the fence. Trotting fences with him feels terrible, even with the fences slightly higher. He doesn’t put in ANY effort when trotting. He will just trot over the fence rather than jump it.

After a few warmup jumps (and waking Scarlet’s brain up) I started cantering jumps. I tried very hard to think about not pinching with my knees and keeping my legs steady. I focused on not jumping the fence for Scarlet. It took a fence or two to get into the rhythm but I felt like we got it down. We did the higher line of crossrails and those went pretty well. The first time through Scarlet got a little wiggly in the middle but after we did it once he was good.

There were a few more verticals set up. I need to jump more of those. Crossrails are just more comfortable so I generally default to those. But I’ll never get to jumping oxers if I don’t get comfortable jumping verticals. Scarlet has literally no problem with jumping them. In fact, he gets excited by them. He did smack the first vertical we jumped with his hind but was more careful the next time.

I stopped after a few more jumps as it was hot and I didn’t want to overwork him. He got a hose off that he did not appreciate even though I’m sure he felt better afterward.

I didn’t ride Sunday as it was still going to be hot and getting up that early on Saturday basically wiped me out for the rest of the day.

Monday, I wanted to focus a lot on me but not my normal stirrupless ride. I wanted to focus on my position as much as possible. When I was posting around, I was really conscious of where my hands were and that my knees weren’t pinching. Slightly different muscles were being used so I was definitely sore. I also two-pointed at the walk for 3:26 before my lower back hurt too much to keep it up. A good baseline but I will need to work even harder to improve that. I’d like to hit 5 minutes at the walk and then try to time myself at the trot. Trotting while two-pointing is hard for me. I can’t seem to keep my balance at all. I’m looking to improve on that.


3 thoughts on “Higher Jumps

    • I tried that once and just about broke my brain. I couldn’t even figure out how to start! lol I should try it again though. I need to strengthen myself a lot!


    • I tried that once and just about broke my brain. I couldn’t even figure out how to begin! lol I need to try again since i really need to build up my strength.


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