Riding and flies

Friday it was much cooler out. I think it was about 80 when I got to the barn and it only got cooler as I was there. Scarlet had lost his fly mask (again) and he was rubbing his face like nuts. I had got some new supermasks so I had one of those for him after the ride. I was hoping a brand new, not run down fly mask might have a better chance at staying on. If that doesn’t work, I’ll look into the roma stretch fly masks per suggestion from L.

I got a rag wet and wiped off around his eye to try and clean up the goopies he had generated from rubbing himself. I really hope the mask stays on better because his hair is starting to get rubbed off on his face.

Scarlet was feeling pretty good since it was nice and cool. It was also windy out which always gets under his tail. I ended up having to work him quite a bit to get some brain and good work out of him. So we ended up working hard and longer than I had planned. We mostly just did circles around the arena. I did get him doing figure eights at the counter-canter which he did quite well. I’m pretty sure that I’m not actually pushing Scarlet. The counter-canter was fine, not rushed, not super unbalanced. The circles were larger than a 20m circle but definitely not half of the arena. Progress.

Saturday, I tried to make myself get out early to the barn. I kinda made it. I was out there around 9:10. It was pretty cool but humid as well. I considered hopping over some fences but decided not to. We warmed up, did some trot and canter work. Then I worked a bit on my two-point. It was really freaking hard! I’m so terrible at two points. I trotted Scarlet over some poles on the ground and just that change in his stride as he lifted his feet made it even harder to maintain. I did it for a while and could definitely feel my lower back hurting a bit.

I’m going to try to get out earlier on Sunday so that I can get the ride done when it is even cooler. I also want to tackle cleaning Scarlet’s sheathe. It hasn’t been done in a while and could probably use it. So I’d rather not do that when it is really really hot.


11 thoughts on “Riding and flies

    • It is quite fun to do stuff together. It also helps that we went to hell and back together when he was younger so now that we have both matured, it’s much more fun.

      I love the summer but I hate the flies. I always think I cannot wait for them to go away but then I realize winter means no sun.


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